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Red Green Show 400s

“Spare the duct tape, spoil the job!” - Red Green


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“Spare the duct tape, spoil the job!” – Red Green

Rested and always ready, The Red Green Show continues to bring smiles to audiences across the country.  As one of the only half-hour comedies with a distinctly American voice, The Red Green Show is a timeless addition to every schedule. Whether your station has been with the program from its first offering or if you have never given the show a try-out, you’ll find this series to be truly “ever-Green” gathering a faithful and generous audience wherever it finds a home.

In this season, Red and his nephew Harold sell their show to Switzerland and discover they must tailor the program to an entirely different audience with some hilarious results. Of course, each episode contains the wisdom emanating from “Handyman’s Corner” and a “Pythonesque” film vignette, called “Adventures with Bill”.

With a steady stream of episodes available, The Red Green Show can make your schedule light up with the laughter and applause from your audience. Strip it or stack it, or air it once a week, but make The Red Green Show a regular and reliable dose of smiles for everyone.

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