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Vintage Red Green Show 100s

S & S ProductionRed Green Lodge
Comedy Series
Rights: Six Releases, 9/1/13 to 9/31/15
Format: 24 x 30  SD  4:3


“Remember this fix is only temporary, unless it works.”
–  Red Green

The almost-never-before-seen first season of The Red Green Show has been on the shelf since the early 90’s, not available. Now, these “vintage” episodes are coming out of the vault and “new” for your Red Green fans.

Setting the stage for a 15-year run on public television, these first 24 episodes see Red visit the lonely Ranger Gord; Hap’s harrowing tales of working on a tiger ranch; and Red’s earliest inventions, including a coffin made from a freezer, designed for thrifty mourners. And much more!

See the very beginnings of the inimitable Possum Lodge and the unique characters reside there.

101- The Big Inboard: They build a boat with a V8 motor
102- The Elvis Sighting: Elvis at Possum Lake?
103- The UFO: Handyman tips and a UFO
104- The Treasure Hunt: The gang goes on a treasure hunt
105- Practical Joke Week: Prank week at the lodge
106- Home Barber-Kit: It’s haircuts for everyone
107- He-Man Contest: The boys hold a He-Man contest
108- Guest Elephant: Red has an elephant experience
109- Exotic Dancer: Moose visits an exotic dancer
110- Lost Toupee: The mystery of the missing hairpiece
111- Talent Show: The lodge holds a talent show
112- Problem Outhouse: Outhouse troubles at the lodge
113- Whittling Contest: Sharp knives and male egos
114- Wind-Powered Boat: The gang builds a boat
115- Hot Water Bottle: Blowing up a hot water bottle
116- Lodge Visitor: An unexpected guest causes a ruckus
117- Gun Powder Shakes: Special spices = explosive taste
118- Safety Week: It’s safety week at Possum Lodge
119- Bad Chili: There’s a running show in the recipe
120- Water Tower: The gang builds a water tower
121- Jet-Ski: A Jet-Ski on the lake
122- New Well: The men try to dig a new well
123- Canoe Jousting: On Possum Lake, a new sport is born
124- Water Slide: The men construct a water slide

“Effictively and magnificiently spoofs the male ego” –The Detroit News

PREVIEW: See an excerpt of episode #108 on the enclosed DVD. Full screeners available on request.

Master Your Future with Rajiv Nagaich

Master Your Future

Master Your Future presenter Rajiv Nagaich is on a mission. His goal is to change the way Americans think about, plan for, and navigate through retirement.

Retirement is a bigger problem than you might think. Ten thousand people turn 65 every day, either already retired or with retirement on their minds. Retirement may start out as an exciting time of adventure. But as you get older, that excitement will probably turn into anxiety—and for good reason.

Maybe you are feeling the trifecta of retirement fears: fear of ending up in an institution, fear of becoming a burden, and fear of running out of money. If you are, welcome to the club! These are the biggest retirement concerns today’s retirees face, whether rich, poor or in between. And the problem is even worse for families with small to medium size estates.

In Master Your Future, Rajiv Nagaich explains the grim reality most retirees face. The average plan for retirement is mostly about creating a financial nest egg. But that’s only part of the reality. Once you retire, you might live for decades more. Rajiv Nagaich will show you why retirement plan failure is so common. He will also show you what you can do to make sure that your story has a different—and better—ending. Effective retirement planning requires more than just legal planning or financial planning. An effective retirement plan should be multi-disciplinary, involving coordinated plans for health, housing, legal and family issues, in additional to financial matters.

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Change Your Brain, Heal Your Mind with Daniel Amen, MD


The Washington Post wrote that by almost any measure Dr. Daniel Amen is the most popular psychiatrist in America. He is an award-winning brain imaging researcher, founder of The Amen Clinics, and the author of many bestselling books. Change Your Brain, Heal Your Mind with Daniel Amen, MD is based on his new book The End of Mental Illness: How Neuroscience is Transforming Psychiatry and Helping to Prevent or Reverse Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar, ADHD, Addictions, PTSD, Psychosis, and More.

In his 14th national public television special, Change Your Brain, Heal Your Mind, Dr. Amen teaches viewers 6 practical steps to help them feel happier, sharper and more in control of their own destinies. He gives viewers the most important lessons he has taught thousands of patients over the last 40 years.

In addition, he introduces a new concept he developed called THE GOOD VS. EVIL RULER. He encourages viewers to pay attention to how many Evil Ruler strategies they recognize, because that’s where we will learn what is really causing the epidemic rise in suicide, anxiety, depression and ADHD.

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