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Overcoming Anxiety, Depression, Trauma and Grief with Daniel Amen, MD and Tana Amen

PledgeAmen Overcoming Title
Producer: Contexture
Rights: Unlimited, 2/28/21 to 3/31/23 (LLS)
1×60 core, 1×90 pledge event and 1×120 pledge event
High Definition

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The world is in turmoil and Americans are the unhappiest they’ve been in 50 years. With millions sickened from COVID-19 and more than 300,000 Americans dead in a global pandemic that brought social isolation, grief, fear, and an economy in tatters mixed with anti-racism protests after the killing of George Floyd and the ongoing political divide, we’ve been brought to our emotional knees. As a nation, we’re feeling so stressed and unhappy, it sparked a dramatic rise in the number of new prescriptions for antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications and sleep aids during and after the pandemic. Depression, the opposite of being happy, tripled in just few months in early 2020, from 8.5%, which was already up from the prior decade, to a horrifying 27.8%. But you do not have to feel this way even when it seems like the world is crumbling around you.

In this program, psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen, the author of Your Brain Is Always Listening; and his wife Tana Amen, an ICU nurse and author of The Relentless Courage of a Scared Child will show you how to tame the hidden dragons that cause these problems to help you feel happier, more positive and more in control of your own emotions.

Core Timings: (10 seconds of black between acts)
Act 1: 10:00:00;00 to 10:21:00;14 (21:00;14)
Act 2: 10:21:10;14 to 10:40:19;10 (19:08;26)
Act 3: 10:40:29;10 to 10:58:39;07 (18:10;02)
TRT: 58:39;12
Total Content: 58:19;12

90-minute Pledge Event Timings:
Act 1: 10:00:00;00 to 10:21:00;14 (21:00;14)
Break 1: 10:21:00;14 to 10:26:13;18 (5:13;04)
Act 2: 10:26:13;18 to 10:45:22;14 (19:08;26)
Break 2: 10:45:22;14 to 10:55:42;16 (10:20;02)
Act 3: 10:55:42;16 to 11:13:52;17 (18:10;02)
Break 3: 11:13:52;17 to11:28:34;13 (14:41;26)
TRT: 1:28:34;13

120-minute Pledge Event Timings:
Act 1: 10:00:00;00 to 10:21;00;14 (21:00;14)
Break 1: 10:21:00;14 to 10:31:20;07 (10:19;23)
Act 2: 10:31:20;07 to 10:50:29;03 (19:08;26)
Break 2: 10:50:29;03 to 11:10:29;18 (20:00;15)
Act 3: 11:10:29;18 to 11:28:39;19 (18:10;02)
Break 3: 11:28:39;19 to 11:56:55;13 (28:15;24)
TRT: 1:56:55;13

Premium Descriptions:

$72/$6 monthly suggested pledge level Overcome Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, and Grief Program DVD with bonus material
Anxiety, depression, trauma and grief are everywhere during these difficult times. In this program, psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen, the author of Your Brain Is Always Listening; and his wife Tana Amen, an ICU nurse and author of The Relentless Courage of a Scared Child will show you how to tame the hidden dragons that cause these problems to help you feel happier, more positive and more in control of your own emotions ● Plus bonus material

$240/$20 monthly suggested pledge level Overcoming Anxiety, Depression, Trauma and Grief Master Package

1. Overcome Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, and Grief Program DVD with bonus material
Anxiety, depression, trauma and grief are everywhere during these difficult times. In this program, psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen, the author of Your Brain Is Always Listening; and his wife Tana Amen, an ICU nurse and author of The Relentless Courage of a Scared Child will show you how to tame the hidden dragons that cause these problems to help you feel happier, more positive and more in control of your own emotions Plus bonus material  You can gather your community and host a viewing party. Or even do a zoom call!

2. Book: Relentless Courage of a Scared Child
A shocking and hopeful account of one woman’s extraordinary courage to face her past and embrace truth in order to help others find hope and healing. In The Relentless Courage of a Scared Child, Tana Amen shares her incredible story of transformation—of growing up in poverty, a bullied latch-key kid raised on sugary cereal and junk food, to becoming a world-renowned food and fitness expert. Her challenging past of neglect, poverty, sexual abuse, thyroid cancer, and bouts of anxiety and depression set her on a path to find healing. Through her remarkable journey, we see more clearly the light that can shine through our own broken places and ultimately heal us: body, mind, and soul. At once tragic and heartwarming, Tana’s story integrates cutting-edge psychology and proven wellness techniques from the Amen Clinics in a moving exploration of the healing available to each one of us, no matter the pain in our past.

3. Book: Your Brain Is Always Listening
New York Times bestselling author Dr. Daniel Amen equips you with powerful weapons to battle the inner dragons that are breathing fire on your brain, driving unhealthy behaviors, and robbing you of joy and contentment. Your brain is always listening and responding to these hidden influences and unless you recognize and deal with them, they can steal your happiness, spoil your relationships, and sabotage your health. This book will teach you to tame the: 1. Dragons from the Past that ignite your most painful emotions; 2. Negative Thought Dragons that attack you, fueling anxiety and depression; 3. They and Them Dragons, people in your life whose own dragons do battle with yours; 4. Bad Habit Dragons that increase the chances you’ll be overweight, overwhelmed, and an underachiever; 5. Addicted Dragons that make you lose control of your health, wealth, and relationships; 6. Scheming Dragons, advertisers and social media sites that steal your attention. In Your Brain Is Always Listening, Dr. Daniel Amen shows you how to recognize harmful dragons and gives you the weapons to vanquish them. With these practical tools, you can stop feeling sad, mad, nervous, or out of control and start being happier, calmer, and more in control of your own destiny.

4. 6 Weeks to Overcome Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, and Grief Video Course, including 42 short videos (one a day) and our Accelerated Healing Workbook, including the Know Your Dragons Questionnaire
A 6-week video course to overcome anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief. It includes 42 short videos (one a day) of the Amen Clinics Method, and accelerated healing workbook, and a Know Your Dragons Questionnaire. Topics include: ASSESS YOUR BRAIN & MIND Day 1: Know the 12 Principles of Amen Clinics Day 2: Use the Science of Change to Your Advantage Day 3: Know Your Brain Type: Brain Health Assessment Day 4: Know Your BRIGHT MINDS Risk Factors Day 5: Know Your Important Numbers Day 6: Know Your Dragons Questionnaire Day 7: Know Your ANTs Day 8: Know Your OPM and Motivation to Be Well Day 9: 7 Feeling Better Fast Techniques Day 10: Supplement Your Brain Day 11: Brain Healthy Eating BRIGHT MINDS STRATEGIES Day 12: Boost Blood Flow Day 13: Keep Your Brain Young Day 14: Quell Inflammation and Gut Health Day 15: Know Your Genetics Day 16: Protect Your Brain Day 17: Detoxify Your Body and Brain Day 18: Stabilize Your Moods Day 19: Boost Immunity to Protect Against Infections Day 20: Optimize Your Neurohormones Day 21: Achieve Healthy Weight and Blood Sugar Levels Day 22: Get More Restful Sleep TAME YOUR DRAGONS Day 23: Finding Significance: Taming the Abandoned, Invisible or Insignificant Dragons Day 24: Stop Comparing: Taming the Inferior or Flawed Dragons Day 25: Finding Peace: Taming the Anxious Dragons Day 26: Get the Past Out of the Present: Taming the Wounded Dragons Day 27: Does it Fit My Goals; Do I Want To?: Taming the Should and Shaming Dragons Day 28: Change Starts With Me: Taming the Responsible Dragons Day 29: It’s Not All About You: Taming the Special, Spoiled or Entitled Dragons Day 30: Soothing Rage: Taming the Angry Dragons Day 31: Behavior is More Complicated Than You Think: Taming the Judgmental Dragons Day 32: If it is Meaningful I Do It: Taming the Death Dragons Day 33: Finding Joy Again: Taming the Grief and Loss Dragons Day 34: Finding Hope: Taming the Hopeless and Helpless Dragons Day 35: It’s Not All About Me, But About Generations of Me: Taming the Ancestral Dragons DEVELOP RELENTLESS COURAGE Day 36: Master ANT Killing: 100 Worst Thoughts Day 37: Write Your Story to Tame Trauma Day 38: OvercomeTrauma by Finding Your Passion Day 39: It’s Easy to Call People Bad, It’s Harder to Ask Why Day 40: REACH for Forgiveness Day 41: Finding Your Voice: Learning to Be Assertive Day 42: Take Responsibility for Your Life

5. Kill the ANTs book: Challenge 100 of Your Worst Thoughts to Change Your Life
In the early ’90s, Dr. Amen coined the term automatic negative thoughts (ANTs) to describe how negativity can infest your brain. When he taught his patients how to eliminate the ANTs, they felt happier, less anxious, and better able to get along with others. In this book, he describes in detail his ANT killing techniques and asks you to write 100 of your worst thoughts and gives you the tools to eliminate them. This is a basic skill to overcome anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief.

6. Your Brain Is Always Listening Music CD by Barry Goldstein and Daniel Amen
There is significant research suggesting listening to certain types of music can enhance your mood and focus, lower blood pressure, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve our sleep. Your Brain Is Always Listening Music Program is designed by bestselling author and composer Barry Goldstein, whose Multi Award Winning Productions have been used with Rock Icons, New York Times Bestselling Authors, Motivational Leaders, and medical experts throughout the world for over 25 years. This music program applies scientific research and groundbreaking music that utilizes specific frequencies, tempos, sound waves, harmonics, tones, and chords to elevate mood and focus, achieve a deep state of relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, and even improve your sleep. All four musical selections are between 10 – 30 minutes long to allow time to entrain and synchronize to the desired brain wave state. “Your Brain is Always Listening,” so direct your mind with gorgeous music to enhance your day. Song Descriptions 01 New Day – Music for Reducing Anxiety — Delicate guitars, flowing pianos, ethereal soundscapes, calming voices, and serene orchestrations create a safe and beautiful sonic landscape to release anxiety and lift your mood. 02 Thankful – Music for Connecting to Gratitude – Research suggests that focusing on gratitude helps to calm the deep limbic areas and enhance the other judgment centers of your brain. People who express gratitude on a regular basis are healthier, more optimistic, make better progress toward their goals, have a greater sense of well-being, and are more helpful to others. This musical piece incorporates heart opening melodies, inspirational chord progressions, blissful harmonics and heavenly flutes, which provide an exquisite sound environment to connect to all that you can be thankful for! 03 Relaxation Bridge- Music for Stress Reduction — Singing bowls, elegant flute melodies, soothing tones, calming tempos and celestial arrangements provide the perfect invitation to release your stress and move into a more relaxed state. 04 Slumber Safe- Music for Effortless Sleep — Grounding tones and frequencies, tranquil strings, and dreamy sound beds are combined with the perfect tempo to entrain your heart and brain to more restorative sleep states. Immerse yourself in this vibrational bed of sound and gently bridge your active days into peaceful nights!

7. BRIGHT MINDS Aroma Diffuser with Essential Oils
Scientific studies have shown that breathing relaxing scents can change the brain in a positive way. Included in the package will be a coupon to send in for a free high-quality aroma diffuser and 6 essential oils, selected by Dr. Amen, including:
● Lavender for mood, anxiety, grief, memory, and pain relief
● YlangYlang for mood, memory, emotional trauma, and to enhance libido
● Peppermint for energy, focus, and stress reduction
● Eucalyptus for energy and breathing
● Jasmine for mood and relaxation
● Chamomile to calm anxiety and promote sleep
Try them all to see which ones benefit you.

Premium Orders and Questions: To obtain an order form for OVERCOMING ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, TRAUMA AND GRIEF with DANIEL AMEN, MD and TANA AMEN premiums, please email: Order forms can be submitted via email or faxed to 949-266-3770. If you need to speak with a representative, please contact Jasmin Hernandez at 949-556-4733 


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