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Museum Access

Travel/History SeriesMuseum Access
Producer: Museum Access Media
Rights: Unlimited, 1/1/18 to 12/31/19 (Live Linear Streaming available)
10 x 30
High Definition
Feeddate: 10/30s beginning 12/29/17 -3/2/18 @ 1230-1300ET/HD04

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Museums are a vital part of the American landscape, showcasing the greatest achievements of the human experience, past, present and future. Visitors remember, discover and learn in these museums that present the best of our country’s culture, heritage and accomplishments. Museum Access explores these museums in a way that the everyday visitor cannot. It goes behind the scenes where ordinary folks don’t get a chance to go. Talking to the directors, curators and creative personnel to get an insider’s view.

Each Museum Access episode includes travel, history, education and most of all fun! Explore the underwater world of dolphins and whales. Then travel to outer space with Astronaut James Lovell. Take a peek into Leonardo Da Vinci’s workshop in Florence, Italy. Follow the journey of China’s 2,000 year old Terracotta Warriors and step into a WWII German submarine. Join us as we celebrate the human spirit in our country’s top museums on Museum Access, where Every Visit is an Adventure!

Creator & Host Leslie Mueller is an award-winning artist, graphic designer and producer. Working with numerous national clients she has experience in front of and behind the camera. She has produced art segments for Lifetime television on Our Home and Handmade by Design. She also appears as the art and style expert on local television and radio shows in Connecticut. Her warm and professional style combined with the eye of an artist and a natural curiosity makes Museum Access a must see series!  We expect future seasons of the series as well.

Episode Descriptions:

101: Museum of Science and Industry / U-505: Host Leslie Mueller explores Chicago’s premier destination, the Museum of Science and Industry. Take a ‘Behind the Scenes’, on board tour of the World Famous U-505 submarine…the centerpiece of an unforgettable exhibit. Experience life aboard this German Sub first hand, as it looked days before it’s capture by Americans off the coast of Africa during World War II. We will also get to see some rarely seen artifacts from the sub’s crew as well as from those who captured this piece of American Naval history.

102: The Field Museum / Tyrannosaurus Rex, ‘Sue’: Join host Leslie Mueller at Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History as she meets Sue, the most intact Tyrannosaurus Rex ever discovered. Head of Geological Collections, Bill Simpson, takes us on a private tour of one of the fossil preparation labs to learn about the elaborate 12 year process of reconstructing Sue for exhibition. We also get a look at how this priceless piece of natural history is carefully cleaned twice a year.

103: The Metropolitan Museum of Art / Temple of Dendur: Join Leslie Mueller in America’s largest art museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Learn about this amazing 2 million sq. ft. museum that houses 5,000 years of world history, perched atop 5th avenue in New York City. Explore the centerpiece of the Egyptian Art Collection, the Temple of Dendur and get a peek at how this important piece of Egyptian history was carefully cleaned by museum curators. Then learn about the mystery that surrounds the most powerful female in ancient Egypt, Pharoh Hatshepsut.

104: The Shedd Aquarium / Beluga Whales Session, Hospital: Explore the John G. Shedd Aquarium, home to over 32,000 aquatic animals. Watch the beluga whales in one of their private training sessions. Take a peek into the bustling food preparation kitchen and visit the in-house veterinary hospital, then learn how one lucky lizard go an unusual gift, thanks to the creative staff and the 3-D printer located in the one of a kind Teen Learning Center.

105: Adler Planetarium / Rare Instruments, James Lovell: Leslie Mueller travels from the 12th century world of astronomy to the Apollo XIII launch at the Adler Planetarium. Get a look at rare artifacts from the Webster Institue for the History of Astronomy. We will also see the hands-on NASA control center, take a closer look at the actual 2 man Gemini 12 capsule and meet commander of Apollo 13 mission, Capt. James Lovell. We’ll hear about his journey from a young rocket enthusiast to NASA astronaut orbiting the moon.

106: The Cloisters / Horticultural Work Area: Join host Leslie Mueller in Medieval Europe at the Cloisters overlooking the majestic Hudson River in Northern Manhattan. Learn about fascination history, architecture, sculptures, paintings, manuscripts, stained glass and more. View the world famous Unicorn Tapestries and learn how skilled craftsman created them over 500 years ago. Tour the medieval gardens and join Leslie for a visit to the horticultural area to learn about nature’s remedies, dye process and medieval plant preservation.

107: Museum of Broadcast Communications / Archives: Join host Leslie Mueller as she visits The Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago to learn about the broadcast world from it’s exciting infancy to present day. Explore the Radio Hall of Fame, a working vintage radio station and the ‘Here’s Johnny, The Making of the Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson’ special exhibition. Then join us for a look at the private archives area where broadcast history is carefully preserved.

108: The Field Museum / Installation of Terra Cotta Warriors: Travel back to ancient China with host, Leslie Mueller as she visits the “Terra Cotta Warriors” exhibition at the Field Museum in Chicago. Learn how the powerful First Emporer of China commissioned a 30 year project, creating more than 8,000 figures to be buried around him. These figures silently guared his tomb for 2,000 years before being discovered. Enjoy a “Behind the Scenes” look at the Field Musum Team Members working on this very special exhibition and see why it has been described as the 8th Wonder of the World!

109: The New York Botanical Garden / Installation of Dale Chihuly Exhibit and WA. Workshop: Explore Mother Nature with host Leslie Mueller in a living museum of plants, the New York Botanical Garden. Home to over 1 million plants, 50 gardens and the stunning Haupt Conservatory. Learn about what this 250 acre National Historical Landmark offers it’s visitors year round. Experience fine art in a botanical setting at the special exhibition featuring the work of world renowned glass artist, Dale Chihuly. Get a ‘behind the scenes’ peek at his creative process and the herculean task of installing these massive yet delicate glass sculptures throughout the gardens, ponds and conservatory.

110: The Davinci Machines / Florence, Italy Workshop: Join host Leslie Mueller as she steps back into the world of Leonardo DaVinci. Take a ‘Behiind the Scenes’ look at the workshop in Florence, Italy where the working models of DaVinci’s inventions were hand crafted by skilled artisans according to his original drawings. Then visit the special hands-on exhibition that is traveling North America, ‘the DaVinci Machines’, on loan from the DaVinci Museum in Florence, Italy.


I’ll Have It My Way with Hattie Bryant

I'll Have It My Way with Hattie Bryant

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From this program viewers learn that there are things each of us can do to live fully, all the way to the end. Anyone who is willing to take four simple steps now, while healthy, can minimize if not avoid entirely, the pain, suffering, confusion and disagreements that can arise when end-of-life healthcare wishes are not clearly spelled out.

Americans need this information because 70% say they want to die peacefully surrounded by friends and family … while actually 70% are dying in institutions surrounded by strangers.

Few people choose to contemplate critical illness or the inevitability of death until their time comes. Because possibilities are rarely discussed, many people are unprepared or unable to make critical end-of-life decisions and spend their last days in over-medicalized and unnecessarily painful and protracted situations.

Breaking through the taboo of discussing death, Hattie Bryant shows that we have choices.

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In his 14th national public television special, Change Your Brain, Heal Your Mind, Dr. Amen teaches viewers 6 practical steps to help them feel happier, sharper and more in control of their own destinies. He gives viewers the most important lessons he has taught thousands of patients over the last 40 years.

In addition, he introduces a new concept he developed called THE GOOD VS. EVIL RULER. He encourages viewers to pay attention to how many Evil Ruler strategies they recognize, because that’s where we will learn what is really causing the epidemic rise in suicide, anxiety, depression and ADHD.

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