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Dr. Perlmutter’s Whole Life Plan

Producer: GlassOnion ProductionsWhole Life Plan with David Perlmutter, MD
Rights: Unlimited, 2/25/17 to 9/30/19 (Live Linear Streaming available)
1 x 60, 1 x 90 PE and 1 x 120 PE
High Definition

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You can choose your health destiny. Effortless weight loss. Freedom from neurological disorders and other chronic conditions. Boundless energy. A radiant appearance. Sound sleep. A happy belly. A robust immune system. Relief from depression and anxiety. A sharp, fast-thinking brain. A great sense of self-confidence and well-being. A super-high quality of life.

These are all terrific goals, and who wouldn’t want to achieve them? But such monumental accomplishments don’t come without hard work and sacrifices. You can’t necessarily turn away from the standard American diet— bread, soda, OJ, sugar, cereal, muffins, bagels, processed foods—and embrace a totally gluten-free, low-carb lifestyle overnight. It takes commitment. It takes effort. But it’s doable with the plan outlined in this program.

More than a million people around the world have improved their health—physical, mental, and cognitive—thanks to Dr. Perlmutter’s bestselling books, Grain Brain and Brain Maker. Now the time has come to bring these two forces together in a highly practical, step-by-step holistic lifestyle program based on Dr Perlmutter’s latest New York Times bestseller, The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan.

Welcome to Dr. Perlmutter’s Whole Life Plan.

Dr. Perlmutter puts his ideas into practice in the real world to show you that living your best life is about much more than what you put in your mouth. It expands upon the core advice in his previous programs and introduces exciting new information about the advantages of eating more fat and fiber, consuming fewer carbs and protein, evicting gluten forever, and catering to your intestinal flora.
Food is a central component of the program, but so are other key aspects to achieving the best results: the timing of when you eat, sleep, and exercise; knowing which supplements to take and which medications to potentially drop; reducing daily stress and even chemical exposures in your physical environment; nurturing relationships and your own self-care; addressing the challenges in life with grace and ease; routinely creating goals for your personal development; and finding time for the kinds of physical activities that power the brain while healing the body.

The program offers nutritional and health advice that’s been validated over and over again in the scientific literature, but also more extensive science has emerged. Even the U.S. government has modified its dietary guidelines to reflect this research, backing away from endorsing low-fat, low-cholesterol diets.

This is anything but a new diet plan or just another diet. Dr. Perlmutter’s Whole Life Plan gives you a jump-start to a healthy way of living that you will be able to sustain indefinitely.

This pledge event version was produced by KQED/San Francisco featuring Dr. Perlmutter in the studio with pledge host Greg Sherwood.

Core Program Timings: 
Act 1: 00:00 to 21:28 (21:28)

Act 2: 21:58 to 40:33 (18:35)

Act 3: 41:03 to 58:31 (17:28)

Total Content: 57:31
TRT: 58:31

120 Pledge Event Timings: 

Act 1: 00:00 to 21:28 (21:28)
    Break 1: 21:28 to 31:21 (9:53)
Act 2: 31:21 to 49:56 (18:35)
    Break 2: 49:56 to 1:09:35 (19:39)
Act 3: 1:09:36 to 1:27:03 (17:28)
    Break 3: 1:27:03 to 1:56:06 (29:03)
TRT: 1:56:06

90 Pledge Event Timings: 

Act 1: 00:00 to 21:28 (21:28)
    Break 1: 21:28 to 28:25 (6:57)
Act 2: 28:25 to 47:00 (18:35)
    Break 2: 47:00 to 56:55 (9:55)
Act 3: 56:55 to 1:14:23 (17:28)
    Break 3: 1:14:23 to 1:28:57 (14:34)
TRT: 1:28:57

Premiums:   (All premiums from Forest Incentives)

$60 Pledge ($5 per month) Program DVD

DVD – Dr. Perlmutter’s Whole Life Plan Program– Extended Edition
In addition to the program content presented on television, this extended DVD features 20 minutes of bonus material with Dr. Perlmutter providing in depth answers to a series of compelling frequently asked questions.

$180 Pledge ($15 per month) Whole Life Plan Master Package

1)   DVD – Dr. Perlmutter’s Whole Life Plan Program– Extended Edition
In addition to the program content presented on television, this extended DVD features 20 minutes of bonus material with Dr. Perlmutter providing in depth answers to a series of compelling frequently asked questions.

The latest of Dr. Perlmutter’s four New York Times bestsellers, and the book upon which the program is based, THE GRAIN BRAIN WHOLE LIFE PLAN is a practical, comprehensive program that lowers the risk for brain ailments while yielding other benefits, such as weight loss, relief from chronic conditions, and total body rejuvenation. Science-based and highly accessible, THE GRAIN BRAIN WHOLE LIFE PLAN expands upon the core advice from Dr. Perlmutter’s previous works, and introduces new information about the advantages of eating more fat, fewer carbs, and nurturing the microbiome. Including original recipes, tips and tricks for common challenges, meal plans, and advice on everything from sleep hygiene to stress management, exercise, supplements, and more, THE GRAIN BRAIN WHOLE LIFE PLAN shows how to live happily and healthily ever after.

3)   DVD –Dr. Perlmutter’s Whole Life Plan Exercises
In this instructional DVD, Dr. Perlmutter personally demonstrates a dozen easy to perform exercises with minimal equipment requirements designed to strengthen arms, legs, chest, and core. Building on the discussion in the program revealing how new science has extended our understanding of the health benefits of exercise, the exercises demonstrated in this DVD offer up the perfect companion to make exercise appealing and fun.

4)   4-DVD set – The Science of Dr. Perlmutter’s Whole Life Plan
- The New Science of Exercise
New research reveals that physical exercise is profoundly beneficial for health for reasons that have only just come to light. Exercise actually changes the expression of our DNA, enhancing the production of a specific chemical, BDNF, that leads to increased growth of new brain cells. This is revolutionary and empowering information. Moreover, exercise is associated with increased diversity of the microbiome, the 100 trillion organisms living in the gut. Increased diversity is associated with improved health by helping reduce weight, balancing blood sugar, and reducing inflammation. Dr. Perlmutter presents the science supporting this new and exciting way of looking at exercise.

- Why GMO Matters
So much confusion surrounds GMO foods. While it is trendy to believe that choosing non-GMO foods is worthwhile, Dr. Perlmutter squarely makes the case for this decision, based on new science. Dr. Perlmutter describes how GMO seeds are generally produced to create plants that are resistant to the weed killer, glyphosate, and this is where the problem exists. Many GMO plants, like corn and soy, contain residues of this chemical which has now been shown to damage the gut bacteria. Further, the World Health Organization now has characterized glyphosate as a “probable human carcinogen.”

- Be Good to Your Microbiome
In this DVD, Dr. Perlmutter explores the important health benefits of a healthy microbiome (gut bacteria) and reveals how various lifestyle choices like food selections and medications are potential health threats because of their microbiome damaging effects. Dr. Perlmutter then presents information focused on building and maintaining a healthy gut microbiome, paving the way for health and disease resistance.

- The Gut-Brain Connection
In this compelling DVD, Dr. Perlmutter explores the most up to date research that demonstrates the intimate connection between gut activity and brain health and function. The DVD explores how the products of bacterial metabolism in the gut affect the brain in terms of mood as well as disease resistance. This is powerful information that is presented in a highly user-friendly format.

5)   Two audio CD set
- Alzheimer’s Prevention Strategies
Our most respected research institutions have now revealed that Alzheimer’s disease, now affecting more than 5.4 million Americans, is largely preventable. Lifestyle choices, including diet and exercise, are critically important for maintaining the health and disease resistance of the brain. In this CD, Dr. Perlmutter empowers the listener with the latest information, empowering them with meaningful choices to pave the way for brain health.

- Magnesium – Fundamental for Health
Magnesium has emerged as one of the most important micronutrients in human physiology. Because magnesium is critical for the function of more than 300 enzymes, deficiency of this mineral can have wide-ranging  health consequences including heart rhythm disturbances, seizures, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, fatigue, and diabetes. Dr. Perlmutter reveals that more than half of all Americans are deficient in magnesium and provides a comprehensive overview of this important nutrient as well as sources of natural magnesium.

6)   Two Information Cards
- Medications That May Threaten the Microbiome
Now that we understand the fundamental importance of a healthy microbiome in terms of health and disease resistance, it’s important to recognize the threat to the microbiome posed by commonly used medications like antibiotics, acid-blocking drugs and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. This handy comprehensive guide provides a list of common drugs in these categories.

- Medications That May Deplete Magnesium
Magnesium is critical for health, and building on the program’s focus on the importance of magnesium, as well as the material presented in the audio CD, this handy card provides a comprehensive list of commonly used drugs that may reduce magnesium levels. The list includes medications for blood pressure, antacids, antibiotics, hormones, and others.

7)   Recipe Booklet
With so much emphasis on the importance of dietary choices in the program, Dr. Perlmutter provides 21 delicious, easy to prepare recipes, many of which are featured during the broadcast. These are recipes that are low in sugar, high in fiber, with many of them enhanced with healthy fat. All recipes are accompanied by nutritional facts – information revealing the content of protein, carbohydrates and fat.  


All premiums from Forest Incentives


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