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Collagen Diet with Dr. Josh Axe, The

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Producer: GlassOnion Productions
Rights: Unlimited, 2/27/20 to 3/31/22
1×60 core, 1×90 pledge event, 1×120 pledge event
High Definition

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Dr. Josh Axe is a doctor of natural medicine, a doctor of chiropractic and a clinical nutritionist with a passion for helping people get well using food as medicine.  He operates one of the world’s largest natural health websites:  He has hosted two previous fundraising programs based on his bestselling books Eat Dirt and Keto Diet.

In The Collagen Diet, Dr. Axe highlights the health benefits of collagen, a protein made in the body but which diminishes with age.  Because it’s also absent from the typical western diet, many Americans suffer with the consequences of a collagen deficit:  achy joints, sagging skin and inflammation, a precursor to chronic disease.  Dr. Axe shows viewers how to get more collagen in their diets and effective ways to support the body’s ability to make it.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. Beyond skin it’s found in nails, bone, cartilage, tendons, muscles, the gut lining, the discs that cushion vertebrae, blood vessels, and the outer layer of organs. Because it’s woven into so many tissues, it plays a vital role in countless aspects of health. In fact, new research is showing that collagen may help regenerate new tissue, aid in gut repair, boost the immune system, and even increase lifespan.

Some of the benefits of collagen may include:
• avoiding the aches and pains of aging
• staving off wrinkles and sagging skin
• healing persistent gastrointestinal issues
• boosting the immune system
• maintaining healthy nails and hair
• increasing the strength of bones and muscles

Dr. Axe shares his personal journey restoring his own well-being with the aid of collagen when he became sidelined with fatigue and intestinal issues.  He practiced what he preaches and used food as his medicine. He healed with the help of one of his favorite tonics – bone broth, which is full of collagen.

His goal in this program is to help viewers learn how to take advantage of what collagen can do to improve their overall health and restore youthfulness to their appearance.

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Core Timings: (10 seconds of black between acts)
Act 1: 00:00;00 to 22:00;25 (22:00;25)
Act 2: 22:10;25 to 40:17;13 (18:06;20)
Act 3: 40:27;13 to 56:53;17 (16:26;02)
Total Content: 56:33;17
TRT: 56:53;17

90 minute Pledge Event Timings: 
Act 1: 00:00;00 to 22:00;25 (22:00;25)
Break 1: 22:00;25 to 28:10;18 (6:09;23)
Act 2: 28:10;18 to 46:17;08 (18:06;20)
Break 2: 46:17;08 to 55:51;19 (9:34;12)
Act 3: 55:51;19 to 1:12:17;20 (16:26;02)
Break 3: 1:12:17;20 to 1:27:49;05 (15:31;15)
TRT: 1:27:49;05 (1:27:50)

120 minute Pledge Event Timings:
Act 1: 00:00;00 to 22:00;25 (22:00;25)
Break 1: 22:00;25 to 33:08;03 (11:07;08)
Act 2: 33:08;03 to 51:14;22 (18:06;20)
Break 2: 51:14;22 to 1:09:17;16 (18:02;24)
Act 3: 1:09:17;16 to 1:25:43;17 (16:26;02)
Break 3: 1:25:43;17 to 1:56:00;04 (30:16;17)
TRT: 1:56:00;04 (1:56:01)

Premium Descriptions:
Suggested Pledge Level $60/$5 monthly
Collagen Program DVD -
 When it comes to introducing a brand new ingredient into your diet such as collagen, there are plenty of questions. Dr. Axe answers them all, including showing you which foods boost collagen production in your body alongside the best ways to use collagen in your meals. 

Suggested Pledge Level $180/$15 monthly
Collagen Diet Master Package

Collagen Diet Book -  In the Age of Plenty, one nutrient, or in this case a protein, remains largely missing in most people’s diets: collagen. Dr. Axe walks you through the incredible importance of dietary collagen, for your joint health, gut health, skin health and more. 

Collagen Program DVD - When it comes to introducing a brand new ingredient into your diet such as collagen, there are plenty of questions. Dr. Axe answers them all, including showing you which foods boost collagen production in your body alongside the best ways to use collagen in your meals.

Collagen Diet Kitchen Makeover DVD - Dr. Axe will discuss and show the best foods, herbs and supplements for collagen support. He will also demonstrate how he uses his kitchen to make collagen-rich recipes.

Collagen Diet Cookbook - Broken into breakfasts, lunches, dinners, sides, snacks and desserts, all of these Dr. Axe recipes either use collagen (such as collagen protein powder) or certain foods that help boost natural collagen production in the body.

Collagen Diet Quick Start Guide - Anytime you embark on a new way of eating, you want a road map. This “Start Guide” is just that, giving you an overview of why you should add collagen to your diet before providing a collagen diet meal plan, shopping list and more. 

Collagen Diet Tumbler - 20 oz. is made from durable stainless steel with double-wall vacuum insulation to protect your hot or cold beverage at all costs. Includes stainless steel eco friendly straw.

Frother - This handy little gadget really packs a punch! With a 12,000 rpm motor- this hand-held milk frother can produce the thickest, foamiest drink in seconds. With a sleek, cordless design and convenient one-touch operation, this powerful stainless steel frother, can effortlessly froth milk or even mix your Collagen or Bone Broth Protein™ in your liquid of choice.

Collagen Diet Tote - 8.5 x 11 Laminated Non-woven Tote Bag

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Attn: Joe Foley
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