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Brain Wash with David Perlmutter, MD

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Producer: GlassOnion Productions
Rights: Unlimited, 2/27/20 to 3/31/22
1×60 core, 1×90 pledge event, 1×120 pledge event
High Definition

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We live in a time of plenty. But we suffer from catastrophic rates of chronic diseases, anxiety, depression, and loneliness. We are programmed to try to fix these things through instant gratification but wind up worse off than when we started. What’s going wrong?

Our brains have been hijacked by the modern world. They have been literally rewired to keep us hooked, unhappy, and unhealthy. The structure and the function of our brains has been altered, locking us in and changing our ability to think clearly.

This is not our fault. We are bombarded by negative influences – commercial messages telling us we’re not good enough, fear-inducing digital media and addictive ultra-processed foods – that all activate reward networks in the brain. They diminish the ability of our rational prefrontal cortex to make well thought-out, balanced decisions.

Chronic stress, sleep deficits and inflammation all exacerbate such issues, and research shows that these modern-day stressors appear to change neural structures, brain activation networks, and most concerning, shift our thinking to short-term, emotionally reactive, and less empathetic patterns.

When you see how and why you’ve been targeted, manipulated and otherwise convinced to adopt unhealthy practices, and the mental and physical consequences of these influences, you can finally break free. You can reclaim your physical and mental health and reshape your life for the better.

Brain Wash is a functional roadmap that offers practical methods of reducing modern insults to our brains and decision-making. It is a 10-day plan with 8 distinct solutions for lowering levels of stress and inflammation, and reconnecting us to the life we are meant to be living. Brain Wash offers a jump-start to a transformational way of living and interacting with the world that anyone of us can sustain for the rest of our lives.

Dr. David Perlmutteris an internationally known board-certified neurologist, #1 New York Times best-selling author, and Fellow of the American College of Nutrition. His preventive approach to brain health focuses on the role of lifestyle changes in wellness and longevity. In this program he’s joined by his son, Dr. Austin Perlmutter, a board-certified internal medicine physician. Together they join forces to focus on ways to create sustainable joy, health and meaning in the modern world.

If you are interested in a preview of the core program, click the link below:

Core Timings:(10 seconds of black between acts)
Act 1: 00:00;00 to 22:22;28 (22:22;28)
Act 2: 22:32;28 to 39:48;01 (17:15;03)
Act 3: 39:58;01 to 57:23;18 (17:25;18)
Total Content: 57:03;18
TRT: 57:23;18

90m PE Timings:
Act 1: 00:00;00 to 22:22;28 (22:22;28)
Break 1: 22:22;28 to 27:59;26 (5:36;28)
Act 2: 27:59;26 to 45:15;00 (17:15;04)
Break 2: 45:15;00 to 55:22;07 (10:07;08)
Act 3: 55:22;07 to 1:12:47;25 (17:25;19)
Break 3: 1:12:47;25 to 1:28:35;08 (15:47;13)
TRT: 1:28:35;08

120m PE Timings:
Act 1: 00:00;00 to 22:22;28 (22:22;28)
Break 1: 22:22;28 to 31:24;04 (9:01;06)
Act 2: 31:24;04 to 48:39;07 (17:15;04)
Break 2: 48:39;07 to 1:08:25;19 (19:46;13)
Act 3: 1:08:25;19 to 1:25:51;08 (17:25;19)
Break 3: 1:25:51;08 to 1:58:38;04 (32:46;26)
TRT: 1:58:38;04

Premium Ordering Information:
All premiums available from Forest Incentives.

Premium Descriptions:

Suggested Pledge Level $6 on-going monthly/$72 one time
Brain Wash Program DVD or Digital Download
Brain Wash with David Perlmutter, MD program DVD or choose the Digital Download option to receive a link to download the program. You can enjoy Brain Wash anywhere!

Suggested Pledge Level $15 on-going monthly/$180 one time
Brain Wash Master Package

- Hard cover book – Brain Wash: The Science of Reconnection

- Brain Wash Program DVD 

- 5 DVD Set
1. Sleep - Without a doubt, sleep is the most undervalued lifestyle event in terms of general health and specifically, brain health. Restorative sleep helps strengthen connection to the parts of the brain that enhance compassion, empathy, and better decision making. This presentation explores the latest science that validates the importance of quality sleep with helpful tips for maximizing its benefits.
2. Nature - We all know that just feel better when we’re exposed to nature, but now we will reveal the science underpinning why this is the case. Nature exposure reduces inflammation, reduces stress and powerfully helps reconnect the brain for better decision making. This presentation explores this exciting science with important information that will allow everyone to benefit from the healing power of nature, regardless of where you live.
3. Stress/Meditation - The wide-ranging health benefits of meditation are being validated by leading edge scientific researchers around the world. Its health benefits range from reduction in stress and inflammation, increasing resistance to declining brain function to even a higher level of empathy. Meditation specifically activates the prefrontal cortex, and the implications of this as well as practical tips for utilizing this powerful activity are revealed in this presentation.
 4. Exercise - Exercise throws a wide net in terms of its health benefits. But new research specifically shows how exercise is able to rewire the brain for better decision making, empathy, and the ability to plan for the future. This presentation explores this new science and provides practical tips for starting and sticking with an exercise program no matter what your level of fitness.
5. Nutrition - This presentation takes a deep dive into the fundamental role of our food choices in determining whether our brains are wired for impulsivity, narcissism and fear or towards empathy, compassion and decision making with an understanding of the how our decisions will play out in the future. The science is reviewed along with user friendly recommendations to implement a diet focused on reconnection.

- 2 Audio CD Set
Interpersonal Connection and the Value of Empathy - This audio presentation makes clear the health value of interpersonal relationships as well as how we can change our basic brain wiring to enhance our empathy while moving away from impulsivity and narcissism. We can absolutely cultivate empathy and strive to engage in more meaningful relationships, improving our lives and the lives of those around us – and this presentation reveals how.
2. Your Digital Detox - While our digital world is incredibly empowering, in many ways it directly threatens our ability to engage in meaningful social relationships. This empowering presentation describes the many threats posed by our digital exposures and how marketing efforts may hijack our ability to make good decisions. More importantly, it provides sound action points to get the most out of our online time while at the same time minimizing the potential downsides.

- T.I.M.E. Card
This handy card is provided to remind ourselves of the importance of discretion when in front of a screen. It challenges us to consider:
T– Time. How much time have you consciously allotted to accomplish the task.
– Intention. What is your intention and what do you hope to accomplish.
M– Mindful. Remain mindful during your online experience so you are subject to marketing efforts designed to pull you away.
EEnriching. Ask yourself while online if what your viewing is actually a positive, enriching experience.

Cookbook “21 Recipes for Reconnection”
It’s now clear that our food choices dramatically affect our mood, how we perceive the world around us and even our ability to make good decisions – decisions that have a huge effect on our health. Reconnection to the prefrontal cortex of the brain, the part of the brain that’s involved with good decision making, empathy, and planning for the future can be facilitated by foods that help reduce inflammation. These 21 delicious recipes were specifically created to provide optimal nutrition while paving the way for reconnection, actually helping rewire the brain for less impulsivity while enhancing empathy and the ability to make better decisions.

- Bonus Content DVD
FAQs with studio audience (not on program DVD)

- Digital Download 
Instead of receiving DVDs or CDs we will provide everyone with a link to download all of the content from those sources. You can enjoy and share from anywhere.

Premium Ordering Information:
All premiums available from Forest Incentives.

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