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Better Brain Solution with Steven Masley, MD, The

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Producer: GlassOnion Productions
Rights: Unlimited, 2/25/18 to 3/31/20
1×60 core, 1x90PE, 1x120PE
High Definition

1×60 Core Feeddate/Time: Friday, February 9, 2018 @ 1030-1130ET/HD04

1×90 PE Feeddate/Time: Saturday February 10, 2018 @ 1030-1200ET/HD04

1×120 PE Feeddate/Time: Saturday February 10, 2018 @ 1200-1400ET/HD04

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In The Better Brain Solution with Dr. Steven Masley, Dr. Masley informs us of the two urgent epidemics we are facing now–escalating rates of disabling memory loss and rapidly increasing rates of diabetes and pre-diabetes–and yet both conditions are largely preventable. Most people today understand the effect that elevated blood sugar has on their cardiovascular health, but few understand that insulin resistance is significantly damaging to the brain.

In the The Better Brain Solution, Dr. Masley offers a program that, in the fight against diabetes, memory loss, and cognitive decline, can reverse insulin resistance, enhance cognitive performance, and stop cognitive decline before it is too late. Dr. Masley gives the viewers the tools he has developed for his own private patients to prevent and reverse this metabolic syndrome. He explores the impact of insulin resistance on the brain and the heart/brain/diabetes connection, explaining how cognitive function and memory work. The Better Brain Solution offers the viewer a comprehensive plan for achieving optimal brain health, providing information on brain-boosting foods and supplements as well as providing a practical way to assess cognitive function.

Through his bestselling books, successful clinic, public television programs, and educational outreach, Dr. Masley inspires a new generation of enlightened and empowered health care consumers to take control of their health through knowledge and direct, intentional participation in the care they receive.

His practical approach toward educating consumers about their health, treatment options, nutritional regiments and scientific research provides a roadmap for thousands of individuals to achieve optimal health, and live life to its fullest potential.

The program is produced by Ellyne Lonergan of GlassOnion Productions (BrainChange with Dr. David Perlmutter, I’ll Have It My Way with Hattie Bryant, Road To Perfect Health with Brenda Watson, and many others). The pledge event was produced by EPS with Greg Sherwood as host and Steven Masley in the studio.

Premiums and suggested pledge levels:

$60 Pledge ($5 per month)
Program DVD – The Better Brain Solution with Dr. Steven Masley core program.

$240 Pledge ($20 per month)
Master Package

1) Program DVD – The Better Brain Solution with Dr. Steven Masley core program.

2) Book – The Better Brain Solution by Dr. Steven Masley
Dr. Steven Masley’s book that was the basis for the television program. The Better Brain Solution draws upon what our most well respected researchers in the neurosciences are now publishing – Alzheimer’s disease, a disease for which there is no effective treatment, may well be prevented. Masley rightly challenges the notion that we should simply wait for the “magic bullet” as it relates to Alzheimer’s. His recommendations will undoubtedly change the brain health destiny for any reader who follows his advice.

3) Three DVD Set – Jump Start to a Better Brain
DVD 1 – 5-Step Jump Start to a Better Brain – Get the tools to improve your brain function in just 30 days.
DVD 2 – Better Brain Recipes and Cooking Classes - Join Dr. Masley in his kitchen- He’ll show you how to prepare recipes that are fun to make, easy-to-prepare, and delicious.
DVD 3: Better Brain Supplement Guide –Identify the essential nutrients you need to protect your brain, what to purchase, what to avoid, and how to select the best brands.

4) Three Audio CD Set – Sharper Brain Bonus Material
CD 1: Guide to Cognitive Assessments –Understanding cognitive assessments.  In this guide, I’ll clarify which laboratory, cognitive testing, and imaging options you should discuss with your doctor.
CD 2: Hormones and Brain Health- How menopause, andropause, and changing hormones impact cognitive function, and what you can do about it.
CD 3: The Heart-Brain Connection- Lifestyle choices that benefit and harm both your heart and brain.

5) Better Brain Workbook and Self-Quiz Guide
- How to work with your physician
- Which tests to order?
- Signs of Metabolic Syndrome
- Are you high risk for Alzheimer’s disease?
- What is your Glycemic Load?

- Brain Symptom Score
- Beck’s Depression Score
- Sleep Apnea Assessment

6) Better Brain Shopping Guide
Laminated sheet, Front: Top 12 Foods to Boost Your Brain
Back: Critical Foods to Avoid

7) Website OPT-IN Coupon: Coupons to help you get started on the right foods and supplements to boost your brain health.

8) Free Advanced Brain Function Testing: (Central Nervous System Vital Sign Testing) On-line cognitive testing to assess advanced brain function and processing speed.

9) 30 Days to a Younger Heart Program DVD

10) Smart Fats to Outsmart Aging Program DVD

Core Timings:

Act 1: 00:00;00 to 22:15;28 (22:15;28)
Act 2: 22:45;28 to 40:24;23 (17:38;26)
Act 3: 40:54;23 to 57:28;12 (16:33;19)
Total Content: 56:28;12

TRT: 57:28;12

1×90 PE Timings:

Act 1: 00:00;00 to 22:15;27 (22:15;27)
Break 1: 22:15;27 to 27:57;06 (5:41;09)
Act 2: 22:57;06 to 45:36;02 (17:38;26)
Break 2: 45:36;02 to 58:05;23 (12:29;21)
Act 3: 58:05;23 to 1:14:33;08 (16:27;15)
Break 3: 1:14:33;08 to 1:28:59;19 (14:26;12)

TRT: 1:28:59;19

1×120 PE Timings:

Act 1: 00:00;00 to 22:15;27 (22:15;27)
Break 1: 22:15;27 to 31:19;01 (9:03;05)
Act 2: 31:19;01 to 48:57;27 (17:38;26)
Break 2: 48:57;27 to 1:09:10;26 (20:12;29)
Act 3: 1:09:10;26 to 1:25:38;14 (16:27;18)
Break 3: 1:25:38;14 to 1:57:47;10 7 (32:08;28)

TRT: 1:57:47;10

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