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Ancient Remedies with Dr. Josh Axe

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Producer: GlassOnion Productions
Rights: Unlimited, 2/27/21 to 3/31/23 (LLS)
NOLA Code: ARJA Program
1×60 core, 1×90 pledge event and 1×120 pledge event
High Definition

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About Dr. Axe
Dr. Josh Axe is a doctor of natural medicine, a doctor of chiropractic and a clinical nutritionist with a passion for helping people get well using food as medicine. He has a loyal social media following of over 6 million fans and his Podcast, the Dr. Axe show, has more than 1 million downloads. Dr. Axe also operates one of the world’s largest natural health websites: He has hosted three previous fundraising programs based on his bestselling books Eat DirtKeto Diet and The Collagen Diet.

Ancient Remedies with Dr. Josh Axe
is based on Dr. Josh Axe’s latest and most compelling book to date. It exemplifies his deep-seated passion, vision and mission to help people truly heal at the root cause of illness in order to live their best lives. Dr. Axe’s heart centered approach can be traced to successfully guiding his mother through her extensive health struggles, after which he committed to a life’s work of sharing the methodology that worked for her, and his patients.

With Ancient Remedies, Dr. Axe’s goal is to empower people to find wellness in their own lives by focusing on the powerful benefits of using food to heal your body; an approach rooted in an age-old practice but tailored to our modern world. Ancient Remedies is a new way of thinking about health and healing – one based on the time-tested knowledge from ancient medical systems that use natural solutions to address digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, inflammatory conditions, immune dysfunction, neurological disorders, and autoimmune disease.

The ancient approach to illness lies in a single, simple strategy: Instead of treating symptoms, heal the root cause of the disease. Ancient healers not only believed in identifying the root cause of each patient’s health problem, but they also spent years meticulously researching, cataloguing and studying which natural remedies were most effective in healing each condition. The most common remedies included superfoods, mushrooms, herbs, spices and essential oils. Today’s research, which Dr. Axe explains in this program, also shows the efficacy of this approach so families can make the best health choices for themselves.

Some of the benefits of these ancient remedies may include:
• Stronger immunity
• Boosted energy
• Reduced inflammation and joint pain
• Balanced hormones
• Fewer digestive issues
• Balanced blood sugar
• Improved memory and focus
• Weight loss that lasts

Dr. Axe also provides insight into specific foods and lifestyle habits that serve as the foundation for whole-body healing and health, including ancient spices and herbs, essential oils, and healing mushrooms. Viewers will learn about the tenets of ancient medicine to find a diet that’s right for them and how to combine foods in ways that makes each healthy ingredient exponentially more beneficial. And, of course, there will be delicious, healthy recipes to help viewers put the dietary advice in this program into practice.


Core Timings: (10 seconds of black between acts)
Act 1: 10:00:00;00 to 10:22:23;05 (22:23;05)
Act 2: 10:22:33;05 to 10:42:29;06 (19:56;02)
Act 3: 10:42:39;06 to 10:58:04;19 (15:25;13)
TRT: 58:04;19
Total Content: 57:44;19

90-minute Pledge Event Timings:
Act 1: 10:00:00;00 to 10:22:23;05 (22:23;05)
     Break 1: 10:22:23;05 to 10:27:53;22 (5:30;18)
Act 2: 10:27:53;22 to 10:47:49;24 (19:56;02)
     Break 2: 10:47:49;24 to 10:58:29;22 (10:39;28)
Act 3: 10:58:29;22 to 11:13:55;05 (15:25;13)
     Break 3: 11:13:55;05 to 11:27:56;21 (14:01;17)
TRT: 1:27:56;21

120-minute Pledge Event Timings:
Act 1: 10:00:00;00 to 10:22:23;05 (22:23;05)
Break 1: 10:22:23;05 to 10:33:43;29 (11:20;24)
Act 2: 10:33:43;29 to 10:53:38;27 (19:54;28)
Break 2: 10:53:38;27 to 11:15:37;19 (21:58;22)
Act 3: 11:15:37;19 to 11:31:03;03 (15:25;14)
Break 3: 11:31:03;03 to 11:58:11;04 (27:08;02)
TRT: 1:58:11;04

Premium Descriptions:

$60/$5 monthly suggested pledge level Ancient Remedies with Dr. Josh Axe Program DVD
Ancient Remedies Program DVD – Modern medicine doesn’t always treat human beings as the complex, unique blend of body, mind, and spirit we are. But recently thousands of years of medical knowledge about how the body works as a system to heal itself has come to light. The result is an approach to medicine that doesn’t rely on drugs and surgery – unless absolutely necessary. This DVD can be used as a tool to go back and watch again or share with a friend or family member.

$180/$15 monthly suggested pledge level Ancient Remedies Master Package
Ancient Remedies Book –
Dr. Josh Axe explains how to treat more than 70 conditions, boost immunity, improve digestion, balance hormones, lose weight, and increase vitality with traditional healing practices passed down through the ages. Featuring customizable meal plans, delicious recipes, and accessible explanations of the science behind the benefits of traditional medicine, Ancient Remedies offers readers everything they need to know about getting — and staying — healthy, without toxic, costly, synthetic drugs.

Ancient Remedies with Dr. Josh Axe Program DVD – Modern medicine doesn’t always treat human beings as the complex, unique blend of body, mind, and spirit we are. But recently thousands of years of medical knowledge about how the body works as a system to heal itself has come to light. The result is an approach to medicine that doesn’t rely on drugs and surgery – unless absolutely necessary. This DVD can be used as a tool to go back and watch again or share with a friend or family member.

Ancient Remedies 101 DVD – Ancient Remedies 101 provides first-hand education from Dr. Axe on a variety of ancient principles. These videos will equip you with knowledge behind time-tested remedies, from top herbs, essential oils and supplements, to gut and immune-boosting tips to identifying your Chinese element and eating accordingly. Dr. Axe will equip you with the knowledge you need to apply Ancient Remedies into your life

Ancient Remedies Quick Start Guide – The Ancient Remedies Quick Start Guide provides an overview of the traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Biblical principles that Dr. Axe explores in his new book. This guide is also your go-to for ancient remedies in the form of supplements that can address a myriad of health issues and help introduce you to these time-tested, healing methods. Included is the Chinese element quiz to determine your element type.

Essential Oil Booklets- 7 uses for 50 Essential Oils -learn how to use the amazing benefits of plant-based medicine to sharpen your focus, improve your mood, reduce stress, concentrate longer and promote weight loss and much more to transform your health. – 50 + Healthy recipes using essential oils for every need from a recipe for a Pineapple Ginger Smoothie, and Key lime cheesecake to DIY Sleep Serum, Body Wash, Stretch mark cream and much more.

Ancient Remedies Tumbler with straw- 20 oz. is made from durable stainless steel with double-wall vacuum insulation to protect your hot or cold beverage at all costs. Includes stainless steel eco-friendly straw.

Frother – This handy little gadget really packs a punch! With a 12,000 rpm motor-this hand-held milk frother can produce the thickest, foamiest drink in seconds. With a sleek, cordless design and convenient one-touch operation, this powerful stainless steel frother, can effortlessly froth milk or even mix your Collagen or Bone Broth Protein™ in your liquid of choice.

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