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Amen Solution, The – Thinner, Smarter, and Happier

Mindworks ProductionsDr. Daniel Amen
Rights: Unlimited, 2/25/11 to 12/31/14 (Live Linear Streaming available)
Format: Available in two versions
Pledge Event 1 x 1:58:08, HD
and core program 1 x 75:04 in three acts, HD

A Free Program

In The Amen Solution – Thinner, Smarter and Happier, award winning psychiatrist and bestselling author Dr. Daniel Amen gives you 10 very simple steps that will help you:
_    Lose weight,
_    Boost your memory, and
_    Improve your mood

Based on his brain-imaging work with tens of thousands of patients over the last 20 years Dr. Daniel Amen has discovered two of the major secrets why most diets don’t work. And contrary to what you might think, they have nothing to do with your lack of desire to lose weight or your willpower.  In fact, he shows you that for some people the harder they try to lose weight the worse it gets.

The first secret is that most weight problems occur between your ears.  It is your brain that pushes you away from the table telling you that you’ve had enough.

If you want a better body the first place to always start is by having a better brain.

The second secret is that there is not one brain pattern associated with being overweight.  There are at least five different patterns. Knowing about your own specific brain will make losing weight and keeping it off a whole lot easier. Dr. Amen discusses each of these five types throughout the show.

Dr. Amen’s other four national public television specials have already helped millions of viewers embrace a brain healthy life.  The Amen Solution is the highly anticipated program that will inspire audiences to explore the many ways they, their family and friends, can boost their brains to improve their health.

Timing for Core Program:

Act One –    26:29
Act Two –   22:28
Act Three – 24:54

Timing for Pledge Event:

Act One – 0:00 to 26:28  (duration: 26:28)

Break One – 26:29 to 35:23  (8:54)

Act Two – 35:23 to 57:52 (22:29)

Break Two – 57:52 to 1:12:00  (14:09)

Act Three – 1:12:00 to 1:36:50  (24:50)

Break Three –  1:36:50 to 1:58:08 (21:19)


$90 Pledge – Program DVD “The Amen Solution: Use Your Brain to Be Thinner, Smarter and Happier: Double DVD Set with Bonus Material
Fair Market Value:  Stations Contact EPS        Station Cost: Stations Contact EPS

$120 Pledge – Hardcover Book “The Amen Solution: The Brain Healthy Way to Lose Weight and Keep It Off”
FMV: Stations Contact EPS       Station Cost: Stations Contact EPS

$240 Pledge – The Amen Solution Master Package

•    2 DVD Set of the program: The Amen Solution DVD with Bonus Material – FMV Stations Contact EPS

•    Hardcover Book: The Amen Solution – FMV Stations Contact EPS

•    CD ROM with 3 Books: Get Healthy With The Brain Doctor’s Wife: A Cookbook and A Coaching Guide, Plus a Brain Healthy Workout Guide — FMV Stations Contact EPS

•    6 CD Audio Course: The Secrets to Being Thinner, Smarter and Happier NOW FMV Stations Contact EPS

•    Questionnaires to know your brain type, risk for AD and more.  FMV n/a

•    90 days FREE of Dr. Amen’s new Online Program, that will HOLD YOUR HAND to get thinner, smarter and happier.  It includes the Brain Type Questionnaires, Food Journals, Recipes, Calorie Counters, Anxiety Busting Exercises, Exercise Guide and his New 24/7 Brain Training Gym, FMV Stations Contact EPS

Package Total FMV: Stations Contact EPS         Station Cost: Stations Contact EPS

Premium Descriptions:

The Amen Solution: Use Your Brain to Be Thinner, Smarter and Happier: Double DVD Set with Bonus Material

In The Amen Solution: Use Your Brain to Be Thinner, Smarter and Happier, award winning psychiatrist and bestselling author Dr. Daniel Amen gives you 10 very simple steps that will help you:
• Lose weight,
• Boost your memory, and
• Improve your mood.

In this 3 part special, Dr. Amen gives you 10 steps to get thinner, smarter and happier.
• Step 1. Boost your brain to avoid the dinosaur syndrome. Brain health is key to a better body.
• Step 2. Know your motivation. Know the reasons you must get healthy today.
• Step 3. It’s not magic, it’s simple mathematics.
• Step 4. Journaling to prevent calorie amnesia.
• Step 5. Get your cravings under control.  5 simple steps.
• Step 6. Eat right to think right.
• Step 7. Know your type.  Understand each of the 5 types of being overweight.
• Step 8. Use brain specific supplements to boost your body
• Step 9. End emotional overeating.
• Step 10. Influence others to be thinner, smarter and happier too.

This DVD plus bonus materials contains a long question and answer period with the audience.  In addition, there are two great interviews with Dr. Amen’s personal trainer Brad Davidson about physical exercise to boost your brain and with Dr. Amen’s wife Tana, about creating brain healthy families.

There is an hour of bonus material.

“The Amen Solution: The Brain Healthy Way to Lose Weight and Keep It Off” – Hardcover Book
The Secret To Being Thinner, Smarter and Happier
Have you tried diet after diet without success? Most diets don’t address the #1 secret about successful weight loss: If you want a better body the first place to ALWAYS start is by having a better brain.

Your brain and your weight are intricately connected. If you want to lose weight—and keep it off—you need to have a healthy brain. In The Amen Solution bestselling author and brain expert Dr. Daniel Amen shares his LIFETIME weight loss program based on healthy brain habits that has been followed successfully by hundreds of people at his clinics. IF YOU WANT TO BE THINNER, SMARTER AND HAPPIER THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU.  Based on the most up-to-date research, Dr. Amen shows you how to:
Determine your specific brain type and the diet plan that’s right for you
Say goodbye to emotional overeating and shed pounds
Curb your cravings and boost willpower
Improve your cognition, memory, and mood
Make small lifestyle changes that have a huge impact on weight loss
Prepare easy, delicious brain-healthy meals
Get control of your brain and body for the rest of your life
Get Healthy With The Brain Doctor’s Wife: A Cookbook and A Coaching Guide to Be Thinner, Smarter and Happier – 3 Book CD ROM

Throughout their neighborhood Mrs. Amen is referred to as “The Brain Doctor’s Wife.”  She coaches many people on the principles of The Amen Solution and gets fabulous results.  In this cookbook and coaching guide, Tana gives you many tips for living a brain healthy life and being thinner, smarter and happier. Plus Tana and Kamila Reschke, have prepared over 100 brain healthy recipes that are highly nutritious, filled with brain healthy foods, low calorie and will help you get the body and mind you have always wanted.  These tasty recipes are filled with brain healthy herbs and spices and they are geared to help you lose weight and boost brain function and overall health at the same time.  Included are recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack time and desserts. Some of Dr. Amen’s favorite recipes are:

• Wide array of amazing breakfast smoothies
• Cioppino
• Eggplant Moussaka
• Asian Pear Salad
• Minestrone soup
• Grilled halibut with vegetables
• Chicken vegetable wrap
• Turkey Bolognese with meatballs

The Secrets to Being Thinner, Smarter and Happier NOW 6 CD Set

The Secrets to Being Thinner, Smarter and Happier is a 6 hour, 6 CD set where Dr. Amen and his staff show you how to use the same 10 solutions to lose weight and boost your mood and your memory.  Included in this package are

CD #1: The Amen Solution in 10 Easy Steps

CD #2: A Detailed Guide to Brain Typing

CD #3: End of Emotional Overeating NOW

CD #4: ANT Killing and Stress Busting to Be Thinner, Smarter and Happier

CD #5: Natural Ways to Boost Your Brain and Body – The Amen Clinic Supplement Guide

CD #6: Barrier Busting

The Amen Solution Online Program

90 days free of Dr. Amen’s NEW “Online Program,” that will HOLD YOUR HAND and give you all the tools you need to get thinner, smarter and happier NOW, including:
• Detailed questionnaires, to help you know your BRAIN TYPE and personalize this program to your own individual needs.  You will also be able to test your memory and get a personalized plan to get thinner, smarter, happier, AND learn how to decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

• There is an interactive daily online journal to track your important numbers, calories, and brain healthy habits, like sleep and exercise – THIS IS THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT TOOL FOR IMPROVING YOUR HEALTH.

• There are hundreds of brain healthy recipes, tips, shopping lists, and menu plans.

• Plus, you will get an exclusive, award winning 24/7 BRAIN GYM MEMBERSHIP where you can test, work out and strengthen your brain to reduce stress, improve your memory and attention, and boost your mood.  It is like having a personal trainer for YOUR OWN BRAIN.  You will learn how your own brain works, train it specifically to fit your needs, and optimize your life.  The brain gym has been described as “wildly fun…the positive thinking exercises have carried me through the day….”

• In addition, we will send you daily tips and even text messages to help you remember your supplements and stay on track to get healthy NOW.

• And whenever you feel sad, mad, nervous, or out of sorts, we will have exercises to help you boost your mood, decrease depression and help you feel better fast.

• Plus much, much more.

• The online program is your personal guide to getting thinner, smarter and happier.

Samples and orders:
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Lead Operations Coordinator

Mindworks, Inc.

888) 850-5287
949) 556-4721 Direct
949) 266-3770 Fax

I’ll Have It My Way with Hattie Bryant

I'll Have It My Way with Hattie Bryant

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– Hattie Bryant

As much as we all want to believe we can live forever, we all know deep down that it simply can’t be true.

From this program viewers learn that there are things each of us can do to live fully, all the way to the end. Anyone who is willing to take four simple steps now, while healthy, can minimize if not avoid entirely, the pain, suffering, confusion and disagreements that can arise when end-of-life healthcare wishes are not clearly spelled out.

Americans need this information because 70% say they want to die peacefully surrounded by friends and family … while actually 70% are dying in institutions surrounded by strangers.

Few people choose to contemplate critical illness or the inevitability of death until their time comes. Because possibilities are rarely discussed, many people are unprepared or unable to make critical end-of-life decisions and spend their last days in over-medicalized and unnecessarily painful and protracted situations.

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With myth-busting insights, easy-to-understand science, and delicious, wholesome recipes, Food: What the Heck Should I Eat? is a no-nonsense guide to achieving optimal weight and lifelong health.

Eating real food doesn’t have to be complicated. Dr. Hyman is going to show us the principles of healthy eating by walking through each of the major food catefories – from meats to beverages and everything in between. Dr. Hyman tells the viewer exactly what foods to focus on and what to avoid. He will provide easy steps to get started, taking out all of the guess work of putting together meals. As a bonus, Dr. Hyman will also explain how food is one of the greatest contributors to global warming and pollution, then he will show us what foods will take less of a toll on our environment and our health.

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