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28 Day Metabolism Makeover with Amy Myers, MD

Producer: GlassOnion Productions28 Day Metabolism Makeover with Amy Myers, MD
Rights: Unlimited, 2/25/17 to 3/31/19
1 x 60, 1 x 90 PE
High Definition

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It’s remarkable how many symptoms—large, small, and in between—are connected to your thyroid. In fact, just about every aspect of your metabolism depends on thyroid function; if your thyroid isn’t working up to par, you won’t be either. Healing and supporting your thyroid is one of the most important ways you can connect to your body—and one of the best ways to achieve optimal health.

If you have the sinking feeling that your regular doctor is missing something, because he or she keeps insisting that you’re fine, whereas you know that “fine” is the last thing you are, this program has answers for you.

That’s right. Even if your doctor says you don’t have a thyroid problem, you very well might. It’s all too sadly possible that the tests you’re getting aren’t accurate, your doctor is misinterpreting the results, you’re being under-medicated, you’re getting the wrong type of medication—or you’re suffering from some combination of all those factors.

Meanwhile, you’re feeling lousy: exhausted, old before your time, and—since your doctor won’t believe you—possibly crazy.

So breathe a big sigh of relief and get ready to feel better. Because in this program, you’re going to find out that you were right all along. There is something wrong with you. You do have a thyroid disorder, it can be treated, and as soon as it is, you’re going to feel like a whole new person.

Nourishing your thyroid can help clear away the brain fog, soothe anxiety and ease the depression, heal those achy joints and raging hormones, and help you get your sex life back. It can be the key to dropping those extra pounds and never regaining them. And yes, you’ll even get your hair growing all thick and healthy—better than you’ve ever seen it—with clear glowing skin and boatloads of energy to boot.

That’s what’s possible—total vibrant health and nothing less. That’s what you can look forward to when your thyroid is working optimally and you’re following the diet and lifestyle that supports fabulous health. Thousands of Dr. Amy Myers’ patients have achieved it on her plan, and now she’s offering her plan to public television viewers.

Dr. Myers once practiced as an Emergency Room physician, but soon discovered conventional medicine is a one size fits all model. Her belief is that health shouldn’t be viewed as a cookie cutter solution; it’s more complex than that. She practices functional medicine, or personalized medicine. No two people are alike. Each of us is unique in our genetic makeup and physiology. What ultimately causes illness in one person is not the same for another, and treatment for each will therefore be different. She knows this from personal experience.

Dr. Myers was once diagnosed with autoimmune thyroid dysfunction, and has the unique perspective of a patient as well as a physician.  She knows that every detail of your health is interconnected, everything is a clue to your present state of health. In this program she’ll helps you solve your issues based on the root cause – not simply treat the symptoms.

The pledge event version was produced by KERA/Dallas featuring Dr Myers in the studio with pledge host Bill Young.

Core Timings:

Act 1: 00:00 to 21:24 (21:24)

Act 2: 21:54 to 39:44 (17:49)

Act 3: 40:14 to 57:35 (17:22)

Total Content: 56:35

TRT: 57:35

Pledge Event Timings:

Act 1: 00:00 to 21:25 (21:25)

Break 1: 21:25 to 28:27 (7:02)

Act 2: 28:27 to 46:16 (17:49)

Break 2: 46:16 to 55:34 (9:18)

Act 3: 55:34 to 1:12:24 (16:51)

Break 3: 1:12:24 to 1:26:54 (14:29)

TRT: 1:26:54

Premiums: (All Premiums Available from Forest Incentives)

$60 Pledge  ($5 per month)  Program DVD

28 Day Metabolism Makeover Program DVD
In this program, Dr. Amy Myers teaches you her revolutionary approach to drop stubborn pounds, regain your energy, and look and feel better than ever – in just 28 days. Discover how to to beat the three thyroid wreckers using the power of whole foods, toxin-free living, and daily stress management.

$180 Pledge ($15 per month) 28-Day Metabolism Makeover Master Package

1) Metabolism Makeover Program DVD
In this program, Dr. Amy Myers teaches you her revolutionary approach to drop stubborn pounds, regain your energy, and look and feel better than ever – in just 28 days. Discover how to to beat the three thyroid wreckers using the power of whole foods, toxin-free living, and daily stress management.

2) The Thyroid Connection Book hardcover
In Dr. Amy Myers’ second New York Times bestseller, she teaches you everything you need to know about thyroid dysfunction and expands on why the 28-day plan works and how to follow it for maximum results. You’ll learn how to work with your doctor to get the right diagnosis and treatment, the true underlying causes of your brain, fog, fatigue, and weight gain, and how to jumpstart your metabolism.,

3) The Autoimmune Solution Book paperback
In Dr. Amy Myers’ first New York Times best selling book, she pulls back the curtain on how to reverse autoimmune disease (including Hashimoto’s and Grave’ disease) using scientifically proven strategies. This complete guide to autoimmunity features a 30-day plan to heal your gut, optimize your diet, tame the toxins, heal your infections, and relieve stress.

4) Symptoms Quiz
Use this handy, laminated symptoms quiz each week to calculate your total inflammation score and pinpoint how each thyroid wrecker affects your health, mood, and wellbeing.

5) Progress Tracker
Track your weekly progress as your symptoms disappear, the pounds drop off, and your sleep improve. It’s the perfect tool to keep you motivated and on track!

6) Food Guide Booklet
This booklet will be your new food guide! Carry it with you to make smart food choices that fuel your metabolism at the grocery store and at restaurants for life.

7) Guide to Healing Your Gut Booklet
Discover how leaky gut wrecks your metabolism and thyroid, and how to use Dr. Amy Myers’ 4R Approach to healing the gut. Plus receive 15 bonus gut-healing recipes!

8) Toxin-Free Home & Body DVD Double Disc Set
In these DVDs Dr. Amy Myers shows you how to make your own toxin-free home and body products using simple ingredients you probably already have on hand. Ditch those toxic chemicals for good with these quick and easy recipes!

9) Perfect Sleep checklist
Use this every night to unwind after your day, relieve stress, relax your body and mind, and set yourself up for a perfect night’s sleep. Get ready for the best sleep of your life!

10)  Amber Sun Glasses
Prepare your mind and body for sleep each evening with blue-blocking glasses that counteract nighttime phone and computer use, and boost your body’s production of melatonin.

11)  $10 Gift Card to Dr. Amy Myers’ Store
Jumpstart your metabolism makeover with a $10 gift card to Dr. Amy Myers’ store featuring pharmaceutical-grade supplements to support your thyroid, wellness kits, and toxin-free home and body products.

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