Museum Access 500s

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Museum Access 500s

Each Museum Access episode includes travel, history, education and most of all fun!


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Join host Leslie Mueller as she explores more of America’s top museums in Season 5 of MUSEUM ACCESS. From an underground zinc mine to the streets of Paris at the turn of the century to the universe in 3D, there’s something for everyone this season. As always, Leslie talks to the experts for a unique ‘behind-the-scenes’ peek in each episode and continues to focus on the adventure of learning. Curious kiddos will love seeing the ‘fun’ side of mathematics with a square wheeled tricycle. Life-long learners will enjoy the decades long journey to the United States of a world class masterpiece that was seized by the Nazis during WWII. For our sports minded viewers, the episode on sailing brings you on board competition sailboats for the ride of your life. This season also includes 2 very special episodes from past shows that were viewer favorites. ‘’The Best of America’ salutes our country in the air, on the seas and below the oceans and ‘The Best of World History’ bring us to Egypt, China and Italy.


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