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Museum Access 400s

Each Museum Access episode includes travel, history, education and most of all fun!


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Museums are a vital part of the American landscape, showcasing the greatest achievements of the human experience, past, present and future. Visitors remember, discover and learn in these museums that present the best of our country’s culture, heritage and accomplishments. Museum Access explores these museums in a way that the everyday visitor cannot. It goes behind the scenes where ordinary folks don’t get a chance to go. Talking to the curators and creative personnel to get an insider’s view.

Watch, explore, learn and experience America’s top museums in Season 4 of Museum Access.  Season 4 explores a variety of exciting topics from science  & technology to history, the environment, culture and the arts. It’s  guaranteed to appeal to all ages from curious kiddos to lifelong learners. 

Host Leslie Mueller goes behind-the-scenes, talking to the museum directors, curators and experts at the top of their game.  Join her in fire dept. drills, a massive bridge lift, a WWII Sherman tank, the private archives of The Ringling Circus, Mark Twain and Salvador Dali, a film industry projection room, day 1 for incoming West Point cadets, see how a massive museum exhibit comes together and much more.   

Creator & Host Leslie Mueller is an award-winning artist, graphic designer and producer. She has produced art segments for Lifetime television on Our Homeand Handmade by Design. She also appears as the art and style expert on local television and radio shows in her home state of Connecticut. Her warm and professional style combined with a natural curiosity makes Museum Access a must see series!

Click the link below for a preview of Museum Access: (contact for password)


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