Medical Stories 300s

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Medical Stories 300s

The series is about connecting viewers with patients’ stories of hope, encouragement, and empowerment to help enrich and transform the lives of others through powerful storytelling.


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This season on Medical Stories, we share the heartfelt experiences of extraordinary individuals and their families living with rare autoimmune diseases, while others are courageously battling aggressive type of cancers — to common debilitating conditions that affect millions of American adults yet remain misunderstood by the public and are considered leading causes of disability each year.

Medical Stories is an Emmy award-winning docuseries on Public Television that documents the unique experiences and journeys of patients and their families across the country. With interviews of leading medical experts who are at the forefront of discovering new pathways to help the improve lives, Medical Stories provides hope and encouragement, while unveiling valuable information that can be life-changing to our viewers.

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