Man in the Arena

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Man in the Arena

Roger Ailes changed the world as we once knew it. And it’s all here in this documentary, Man In The Arena.


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Who better to tell the story of Roger Ailes than the man himself? Isn’t it about time that the legendary political and media warrior have the opportunity to respond speaking in his own voice? Roger Ailes changed the world as we once knew it. And it’s all here in this documentary, Man In The Arena.

Roger Ailes had an impressive impact on the political culture and how campaigns are depicted in the media. He was not afraid of voicing his opinion and invented the town hall debate, where the average American can ask questions directly to the candidate. He worked along-side many presidents including President Nixon. Roger Ailes was instrumental in crafting Nixon’s first public presentation in the 1968 Presidential debate campaign.

Ailes was a man of the stage and used his knowledge to pioneer entertainment in television. Roger actually helped start MSNBC. Then with little to no money at the time, Ailes created one of the most viewed news networks today, Fox News. Featured in this documentary are Donald Trump, Rush Limbaughh, Dan Quayle, Newt Gingrich and other luminaries of conservative political thought.

Regardless of your political beliefs, this documentary is worth watching. This film will not try to sway your position one way or the other, nor will it answer questions about his final years. But you will soon understand how we got to the point we’re in now politically as a nation.

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