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EPS is looking forward to helping you with your upcoming schedule. Please see below a new pledge program, Master Your Future with Rajiv Nagaich and a few new acquisitions, Paradise Preserved, Animal Destinies and Black Tears of the Sea. A new series Medical Stories 200s, as well as some reminders of recently offered programs/series. We hope you enjoy these programs and will add them to your schedule.
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Master Your Future with Rajiv Nagaich
FREE offer
Producer: Incandescent Entertainment
Rights: Unlimited, 11/27/20 to 12/31/22
High Definition (1×60 core, 1×90 PE)
Master Your Future presenter Rajiv Nagaich is on a mission. His goal is to change the way Americans think about, plan for, and navigate through retirement.
Retirement is a bigger problem than you might think. Ten thousand people turn 65 every day, either already retired or with retirement on their minds. Retirement may start out as an exciting time of adventure. But as you get older, that excitement will probably turn into anxiety—and for good reason.
Maybe you are feeling the trifecta of retirement fears: fear of ending up in an institution, fear of becoming a burden, and fear of running out of money. If you are, welcome to the club! These are the biggest retirement concerns today’s retirees face, whether rich, poor or in between. And the problem is even worse for families with small to medium size estates.
In Master Your Future, Rajiv Nagaich explains the grim reality most retirees face. The average plan for retirement is mostly about creating a financial nest egg. But that’s only part of the reality. Once you retire, you might live for decades more. Rajiv Nagaich will show you why retirement plan failure is so common. He will also show you what you can do to make sure that your story has a different—and better—ending. Effective retirement planning requires more than just legal planning or financial planning. An effective retirement plan should be multi-disciplinary, involving coordinated plans for health, housing, legal and family issues, in additional to financial matters.
Rajiv Nagaich is an elder law attorney, author, radio personality, retirement planning expert, and the architect of LifePlanning, a comprehensive, coordinated, and multi-disciplinary approach to retirement planning. Since launching AgingOptions in 2006, Rajiv Nagaich has transformed the way millions of people think about, plan for, and experience retirement.
Paradise Preserved
Nature Series
Producer: Langengrad Film Production
Rights: 6 Releases, 1/1/21 to 12/31/23
High Definition (5×60)
This five-part series about the fruitful collaboration between mankind and nature dealing with sustainable energy and water solutions includes stunning footage of wildlife in their natural habitats.
Paradise Preserved is an educational nature series telling the stories of five exceptional and fantastically beautiful landscapes. They represent role models for new approaches to nature conservation: working with people, not against them – that’s the maxim. Instead of banning inhabitants, businesses and tourists from these species-rich territories, some of the areas’ natural resources are exploited – responsibly. And it’s producing remarkably successful results!
Episode titles:
101: Norway: Return to Duck Island
102: Ecuador: Hope for the Cloud Forests
103: Congo: Protecting the Gorilla Forests
104: Germany: Rescuing the Bird Life
105: Switzerland: Saving the Alpine Meadows
If you are interested in any acquisitions, please contact Jerry Adams for pricing at jerry@epstv.com (727)643-1723.
Animal Destinies
Nature Series
Producer: Ampersand
Rights: 6 Releases, 1/1/21 to 12/31/23
High Definition (5×60)
In the African savannah, life is a succession of challenges that must be overcome if one wants to see the next day. Growing up, finding food, moving around, breeding, all these vital needs require coming up with survival strategies that can be perilous. Through the fate of various animals, the whole theatre of life is revealed with its constant struggles punctuated by brief moments of respite.
 Animal Destines takes us deep into the world of the savannah.
Episode Descriptions:
101: The Lucky Zebra
102: The Adventures of Swala Pala, the Baby Gazelle
103: Memoirs of an Elephant
104: The Clan of the Baby Baboon
105: Mamma Giraffe
If you are interested in any acquisitions, please contact Jerry Adams for pricing at  jerry@epstv.com (727)643-1723.
Black Tears of the Sea
Science Documentary
Producer: Langengrad Film Production
Rights: 6 Releases, 1/1/21 to 12/31/23
High Definition (1×60)
Scattered around the world are ticking time bombs, so far unknown to the public; 6,300 wrecks, sunk in the Second World War, have been rusting away in the sea for over 70 years. The threat they pose goes way beyond all the oil spills ever experienced. In 1989, the tanker Exxon Valdez ran aground off Alaska, polluting the coast with 37,000 tons of crude oil. That is just a fraction of what is assumed to lie in the wartime wrecks. Researchers estimate they hold up to 15 million tons of oil.
There is still time to dispose of “the black tears of the sea” safely. Despite all of the warnings very few governments have so far done anything at all to avert the threat. Pumping oil out is possible but it is a complex and expensive task. Because of the decades of corrosion in salty seawater the steel walls of some wrecks need only slight vibrations to split open causing many to enter a critical stage and very fragile conditions.
If you are interested in any acquisitions, please contact Jerry Adams for pricing at jerry@epstv.com (727)643-1723.
The Red Green Show 900s
Comedy Series
Producer: S&S Productions
Rights: 6 Releases, 1/1/21 to 12/31/23
Standard Definition (16×30)
Here is one of the funniest seasons of the beloved and timeless Canadian comedy series, The Red Green Show. Steve Smith is Red Green and Patrick McKenna portrays his goofy nephew, Harold. Every week Red blithely dispenses advice to the hapless male gender, convenes his lodge mates for the Men’s Prayer, and in the interim converses in side-splitting humorous exchanges in skits that have made this series a must see with its fans.
Whether demonstrating how to deliver pizza with a skeet thrower or making orange juice with a blood pressure cuff or turning a car into a complete lawncare device, Red is always inventive, if not ingenious. And his fans love him. If he isn’t handsome, at least he’s handy.
As Red says, “We don’t know what this is but there’s a lot of it!”
If you are interested in any acquisitions, please contact Jerry Adams for pricing at jerry@epstv.com (727)643-1723.
The Red Green Show 400s
(2nd Offer)
Comedy Series
Producer: S&S Productions
Rights: 6 Releases, 6/1/20 to 5/31/22
Standard Definition (17×30)
 “Spare the duct tape, spoil the job!” - Red Green
Rested and always ready, The Red Green Show continues to bring smiles to audiences across the country. As one of the only half-hour comedies on public television with a distinctly American voice, The Red Green Show is a timeless addition to every schedule. Whether your station has been with the program from its first offering or if you have never given the show a try-out, you’ll find this series to be truly “ever-Green” gathering a faithful and generous audience wherever it finds a home.
With a steady stream of episodes available, The Red Green Show can make your schedule light up with the laughter and applause from your audience. Strip it or stack it, or air it once a week, but make The Red Green Show a regular and reliable dose of smiles for everyone.
If you are interested in any acquisitions, please contact Jerry Adams for pricing at jerry@epstv.com (727)643-1723.
Medical Stories 200s
Free series
Health Series
Rights: Unlimited, 1/1/21 to 12/31/23
High Definition
Medical Stories is a series produced to take viewers on an emotional and inspirational journey by way of storytelling, as the lens focuses on ordinary people going through extraordinary measures of courage and triumph. The stories of these patients are revealed by their incredible willpower to help inspire, improve and transform lives of others through their own personal narrative.
These stories are reinforced by leading medical experts in the field. At times, the patient experience connects them with a remarkable support-base community, which may help contribute to their positive outcome.
The series is about connecting viewers with patients’ stories of hope, encouragement, and empowerment to help enrich and transform the lives of others through powerful storytelling.
There are now a total of 10 episodes of Medical Stories.
Episode titles:
201: An Elusive Diagnosis
202: Rare Resilience
203: Standing Tall
204: Braving Cancer
205: Avoiding Traces
Change Your Brain, Heal Your Mind with Daniel Amen, MD
Free offer
(2nd Offer)
Producer: Contexture
Rights: Unlimited, 2/27/20 to 3/31/22
(1×60 core, 1×90 PE, & 1x120PE)
Change Your Brain, Heal Your Mind with Daniel Amen, MD is based on his new book The End of Mental Illness: How Neuroscience is Transforming Psychiatry and Helping to Prevent or Reverse Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar, ADHD, Addictions, PTSD, Psychosis, and More.
In this, his 14th national public television special, Change Your Brain, Heal Your Mind, Dr. Amen teaches viewers 6 practical steps to help them feel happier, sharper and more in control of their own destinies. He gives viewers the most important lessons he has taught thousands of patients over the last 40 years.
The pledge event was recorded at GPB with Lee Newton as the host.
Closer to Truth 2000s
Free series
(2nd offer)
Science & Philosophy Series
Producer: The Kuhn Foundation & Getzels-Gordon Productions
Rights: Unlimited, 3/19/20 to 3/18/22
High Definition
Isaac Pope: The Spirit of an American Century
Free offer
(3rd offer)
History Documentary
Producer: Paula J. Caplan Productions
Rights: Unlimited, 5/1/19 to 4/30/21
High Definition
Perfect for Black History Month!
From the virtual slavery of sharecropping to the segregated battlefields of World War II, through the Jim Crow and Civil Rights eras to today, Isaac Pope stood at the front of the line and did his part to improve conditions for everyone. Now he is the subject of award-winning filmmaker Paula J. Caplan’s new documentary, Isaac Pope: The Spirit of an American Century, in which history comes vibrantly alive.
Caplan’s first film, the intense and beautiful “Is Anybody Listening,” was focused on the chasms between veterans and non-veterans and simple ways to bridge them. It garnered many prestigious awards and was picked up by public television, where it reached many stations nationally. A typical veteran’s response: “THIS is what I want my loved ones – and the nation – to know!”
For her follow-up film, Caplan chose Isaac Pope, a spellbinding storyteller, as her subject. Born to sharecroppers in 1917, Pope was an eyewitness to the devastation wrought by both the segregationists in his home of North Carolina and by the Nazis. Through the power of faith and family, he fought and overcame the 20th century’s stiffest challenges. He championed American freedom on the battlefields of Europe and worked tirelessly against institutionalized racism and workers’ oppression at home.
With his 100th birthday on the horizon, Caplan asked Mr. Pope’s permission to document his story. He agreed, and the resulting film —produced by an award-winning LA/NYC/DC team –offers a compelling view of major events of the past ten decades, as seen through the eyes of Mr. Pope, an unassuming man whose inner fortitude and quiet accomplishments represent the Spirit of an American Century. It is also a portrait of some warm, enduring interracial friendships forged during World War II that present a model for today, and uncovers contemporary connections among its subjects that are astonishing and inspiring.
Man In The Arena
FREE offer
Producer: Comeback Productions, LLC
Rights: Unlimited, 1/15/21 to 12/31/22
High Definition (1×90 or 1×120)
Who better to tell the story of Roger Ailes than the man himself? Isn’t it about time that the legendary political and media warrior have the opportunity to respond speaking in his own voice? Roger Ailes changed the world as we once knew it. And it’s all here in this documentary, Man In The Arena.
Roger Ailes had an impressive impact on the political culture and how campaigns are depicted in the media. He was not afraid of voicing his opinion and invented the town hall debate, where the average American can ask questions directly to the candidate. He worked along-side many presidents including President Nixon. Roger Ailes was instrumental in crafting Nixon’s first public presentation in the 1968 Presidential debate campaign.
Ailes was a man of the stage and used his knowledge to pioneer entertainment in television. Roger actually helped start MSNBC. Then with little or no money at the time, Ailes created one of the most viewed news networks today, Fox News channel. Featured in this documentary are President Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, Dan Quayle, Newt Gingrich and other luminaries of conservative political thought.
Regardless of your political beliefs, this documentary is worth watching. This film will not try to sway your position one way or the other, nor will it answer questions about his final years. But you will soon understand how we got to the point we’re in now politically as a nation.
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