Closer To Truth 2200s

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Closer To Truth 2200s

Closer To Truth is the definitive series on Cosmos, Life, Consciousness Meaning, a global journey in search of the vital ideas of existence.

This season's focus: Mathematical Beauty & Breakthroughs


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Closer to Truth: Cosmos, Life, Consciousness. Meaning.

2200s – Season Summary

Mathematical Beauty & Breakthroughs

To seek the foundations of reality is to look through the prism of mathematics. Mathematics is the universal language that anyone, anywhere, can appreciate. There are profound questions. Why is math true? Why is math beautiful? Is math intrinsic or imposed? Why math’s “unreasonable effectiveness” in the natural sciences? What are breakthroughs in math? What is the deep meaning of probability and why the wide applicability of power laws? Can math go beyond physics to explain biology, to elucidate evolution? Here are fresh ways to appreciate mathematics.


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