What Our Clients Are Saying

I could not imagine a better partner for my work on Public Television Station over the past 13 years than Executive Program Services. They are highly competent, caring, available, and forward thinking in every step of the process. They were/are intimately tied to our success.

Dr. Daniel Amen

I have worked with EPS for over 10 years distributing Public Television specials to help promote my books. I trust their team and value their attention to detail. You're in good hands with EPS

Dr. Mark Hyman

I've worked with EPS to promote two of my recent books, "The Longevity Paradox" and "The Energy Paradox". That said, I won't be looking elsewhere for another distributor - EPS has my vote for future projects. I appreciate how dedicated they are to the success of my shows.

Dr. Steven Gundry