Who We Are

Welcome to Executive Program Services

Alan Foster and Dick Hanratty were network programming executives for PBS in Alexandria, Virginia. They were responsible for overseeing SIP (pledge programming) and the start-up of PBS Syndication Services — PBS SELECT and PBS PLUS — acquiring, producing or distributing approximately 800 hours per year. 

Under the leadership of Alan Foster, Vice President of Fundraising and Syndicated Programs, SIP was responsible for such public television fundraising successes as Suze Orman, Doo Wop, The Irish Tenors, Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones, Sarah Brightman, Frank Patterson, Roy Orbison Black & White, and many others.

Through PBS Select, Dick Hanratty, Director of PBS Plus and PBS Select, syndicated popular programs like The Red Green Show, Battlefield, and many others to public TV stations. Under Hanratty’s guidance PBS Plus provided an outlet for public television stations and independent producers to distribute their programs nationally on PBS. Included were such mainstays of public television as This Old House, Charlie Rose, Julia Child and many others.

In the fall of 2001, ready for a new adventure, Foster and Hanratty left PBS and Executive Program Services, Inc. (EPS) was founded. EPS provides program distribution to public television stations nationwide as well as producer-consultation and other services. EPS is among the largest distributors to public television stations in annual hours of programming and provides attractive solutions in the often complicated world of public television. 

In June 2016, after being an EPS principal for 15 years, Dick Hanratty retired.

In January 2020, after being a consultant for 3 years, Mr. Jerry C. Adams, Jr. joined EPS as a partner. Mr. Adams considers himself a “techie” and fortunate to be part of a generation that bridged TV’s transition from analog to digital. In the 15 years before becoming a partner at EPS, Mr. Adams worked on many different Public Television programs in various capacities. Mr. Foster often refers to Adams as “The Swiss Army Knife” on projects. 

On October 1, 2020, after a 49-year career in Public Television, EPS President, Mr. Alan Foster, announced his retirement. Mr. Adams was named President and responsible for all day-to-day operations. Mr. Foster now spends his days relaxing with wife, Constance, and their four legged family members at his home in Virginia.