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Northern Railway: A Journey Across the Arctic Circle

Travel DocumentaryNorthern Railway
Producer: The Judge Company – Glass Onion Productions
Rights: Unlimited, 1/1/14 to 12/31/15
1 x 60
High Definition

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If you had just one day to spend in one of the world’s most beautiful countries, and you wanted to see it in all its stunning variety – field, farm, forest, fjord, mountain and the sea – how would you do it?  You’d take Norway’s Northern Railway, on a day’s journey from Trondheim, across the Arctic Circle, to Bodø on the Atlantic.

The Northern Railway: A Journey Across the Arctic Circle takes its viewers on this remarkable trip, seen through every season.  From a comfortable seat beside a large window you pass through Norway’s incredible scenery and dazzling vistas. We travel north – nearly 500 miles – and at the end, we’ve seen a gorgeous country in all its rich variety, all in a single day.

Along with remarkable scenery and a real sense of journey, the viewer learns the history of The Nordlandsbanen – the Northern Railway – Norway’s longest rail line, from Trondheim, near the middle of the country, nearly 500 miles north to Bodø, on Norway’s rugged and mountainous Atlantic coast.  That history includes a dark chapter – the Nazi extension of the Northern Railway using slave labor after the invasion of Norway in 1940.

The Northern Railway: A Journey Across the Arctic Circle will delight travelers – active and armchair – railway buffs and anyone who loves spectacular scenery and stunning vistas around every corner in the land of the Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights.

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On The Psychiatrist's Couch with Dr. Daniel Amen

On The Psychiatrist’s Couch with Dr. Daniel Amen

The Washington Post wrote that by almost any measure Dr. Daniel Amen is the most popular psychiatrist in America. He is a double board certified psychiatrist, who has written 10 New York Times bestselling books, including the mega-bestseller Change Your Brain, Change Your Life.

If you could spend a day on his couch what would you learn so that you could feel happier, healthier, more focused and more connected to those you love.

In his 10th national public television special Dr. Amen gives viewers the most important lessons he has taught thousands of patients over the last 35 years.

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SuperHealing Secrets title

SuperHealing Secrets with Dr. Elaine Ferguson

Dr. Elaine Ferguson reveals five amazing SuperHealing Secrets, research-based facts, that most doctors don’t know or share with their patients, because they didn’t learn them in medical school. Dr. Ferguson explains why our genes and DNA and family medical history are irrelevant, and do not determine health or control our destiny. She talks to the audience about why our emotional health is more important than diet or exercise plan; how to help cells reverse chronic disease and aging; and, the most powerful ingredient vital to our health and wellbeing.

She also shares a powerful health formula that helps them to understand how their 50 trillion cells actually function; empowering them with powerful tools and techniques to take charge of their health, prevent and reverse chronic diseases, and tcreate the good health they desire and deserve.

Based on her international bestselling book, Superhealing: Engaging Your Mind, Body and Spirit to Create Optimal Health and Well-Being, Dr. Ferguson also shares her Superhealing program, a research-based, comprehensive disease reversal and well-being program, that has helped thousands of patients to improve their health.

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