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Living Well with Carmel

Food and Lifestyle SeriesLiving Well with Carmel
Producer: Playimage Communications
Rights: Unlimited, 10/1/16 to 9/30/18
7 x 30
High Definition

Free Series

Living Well with Carmel, hosted by chef and fitness expert Carmel Baronoff, is aimed at the 50+ audience and encourages those viewers to do all they can nutritionally, physically and mentally to make this the best time of their lives.

Indeed, Carmel will lead by example. She will serve as a fun and funny case study of the power of eating well, exercising regularly, and keeping her mind in a good place; and she will provide a pathway for viewers to follow her lead with great recipes, interesting exercises, mindfulness and meditation … and a lot of fun, unexpected people and places!

More and more Americans are living longer than ever before. Yet, with epidemic new levels of diabetes, obesity and other problems caused by poor nutrition, a sedentary lifestyle and stress These extra years are all too often lived to less than their fullest potential. Fortunately, Carmel has come to the rescue with Living Well with Carmel, her new television series designed to help us make the best of this time – in body, mind and spirit!


  101: The Power of Art: The power of art lives in the many aspects of our lives – from the visual and beautiful expressions of painting and sculpture, to the culinary arts and the artistic meditation of daily exercise such as yoga. Carmel takes viewers on a colorful and creative journey as she meets up with two actors, Tina Louise (Ginger Grant from Gilligan’s island) and Tony Dow (Wally from Leave it to Beaver) who are enjoying second careers as artists. She will interact with the renowned pop artist Romero Britto as she learns from the master about the use of color. And finally using her culinary skills, Carmel teaches the art of food as she teams up with a food stylist to create a culinary masterpiece. TRT: 26:46

102: The Berkshires:
Sometimes it’s great to take the show on the road and that’s exactly what this episode does, as it visits Carmel at her home in the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts. Carmel shows us a world and fabric of life that is dedicated to the simple but delicious notion of fresh farm to table cuisine, from the pizza parlors to old time favorites to high-end gourmet dining. Carmel cooks the perfect summer recipe in the Berkshires with one of the region’s best chefs, goes climbing through the treetops and zip lining across the forest at an aerial adventure park, and learns about Shinrin-Yoku, or the Japanese practice of “forest therapy” from a Zen master. Additionally, she makes some homemade granola bars in her Berkshires kitchen. TRT: 26:47

103: Friendship: Like the saying goes, those with friends are rich. Carmel hangs out with a couple of her best buddies and celebrates the blessings of friendship. Together they prepare a beautiful dinner party menu, hit the spa, take a sailing lesson and enjoy the fruits of their labor with an intimate outdoor dinner party at Carmel’s home with their significant others. Indeed, as the episode suggests, friends are the family that we choose. TRT: 26:46

104: Family:
There is nothing more powerful than the bonds of a loving family, as Carmel proves when cooking a big family feast with her mother, son and daughter. A huge advocate of staying fit, Carmel exercises with the family while enjoying a fun day at the beach. Finally appreciating the fruits of their labor, the family all sits down to eat the dinner they made and share why family is so important. TRT: 26:47

105: Community:
Carmel explores the power of Community as she cooks an Italian feast for 125 guests at an annual charity event to raise money for local college scholarships. Along the way she teaches us how to prepare Turkey meatballs and “Gravy” (i.e. tomato sauce), a classic lasagna, and a delicious tiramisu – all in her home kitchen with the help of her adorable Italian mother. Finally, she gives her mom and friend a lesson in pool aerobics, and then takes off for her own lesson in the amazing world of Aerial Yoga. TRT: 26:46

106: Spice of Life:
Carmel is a big proponent of adding variety into our lives. For all around us there are different places, people, cultures, cuisines and experiences just waiting to be discovered. To that end, Carmel takes advantage of living in South Florida and explores the Cuban cuisine and culture of Miami. She takes viewers on a trip down Miami’s famed “Calle Ocho,” or 8th Street, and visits a landmark restaurant for a show-and-tell about popular Cuban dishes. She meets up with famous chef and author Norman Van Aken for a fun visit to a classic Cuban market, and takes a lesson in the popular Cuban sport of Jai-alai where she proceeds to play a match with fellow Baby Boomers. Additionally, Carmel prepares some Cuban food of her own in her home kitchen. TRT: 26:46

107: Calmness:
Carmel cooks with calming inducing ingredients and takes a trip to the University of Miami’s renowned Mindfulness Research Laboratory to learn about the effects mindfulness has on maintaining brain function. She also showcases the mindful qualities and physical exhilaration of rock wall climbing and has a surprise visit with the calm Ben Stein, the calmest actor in the world. Last but not least Carmel also gets a lesson in mindful eating. TRT: 26:46



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Americans need this information because 70% say they want to die peacefully surrounded by friends and family … while actually 70% are dying in institutions surrounded by strangers.

Few people choose to contemplate critical illness or the inevitability of death until their time comes. Because possibilities are rarely discussed, many people are unprepared or unable to make critical end-of-life decisions and spend their last days in over-medicalized and unnecessarily painful and protracted situations.

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