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History Project 400s, The

History Film SeriesThe History Project Logo
Producer: Off The Fence
Rights: 6 Releases, 2/1/16 to 1/31/18
10 x 60


We’re coming back with new episodes in The History Project series. Previous seasons have been ratings successes and viewers are sure to enjoy these great secret-revealing films. As before, we are offering a wide variety of topics to catch the interest of all viewers – included are a royal wreck that happened in year 1859, an awkward truth about a bombing in 1942, and answers as to how three prisoners mysteriously escaped Alacatraz in 1962. The History Project 400 series is ready to feed the mind of your viewers with great triumphs and failures in history.


401 The Royal Wreck of Gold: On October 26th 1859, the Royal Charter was wrecked in one of the worst storms ever to hit Britain. The loss of life was immense, but so too was the amount of gold on board. $130m worth: unearthed in Australia, lost at sea.

402 Hoax or History: The Michigan Relics: Since the late 1800s, ancient artefacts have been found in the Great Lakes region of the United States. Their unique writing and imagery makes them look like stories from the Old Testament.

403 Beneath Alcatraz: June 11, 1962, Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, three prisoners – Frank Lee Morris, Clarence Anglin, and John Anglin – did the impossible. Desperate and dangerous, they escaped from Alcatraz prison. This has been an enduring historical mystery and we still don’t have the entire answer.

404 Call To Arms: The Battle for Goose Green: The Battle for Goose Green was one of the most well-documented events of the Falklands War between British and Argentinian forces in 1982. Now three British soldiers return to the Falklands to retrace that battle.

405 The Bombing of Darwin: Death and destruction, courage and friendship, desertion, chaos and looting – this is the untold story of what really happened during the bombing of Darwin, Australia in February 1942, and how those responsible would stop anyone from finding out the true story.

406 Moonbug: The Apollo Project: These are the adventurers, risk takers and dreamers who were behind one of the most historic endeavours of our time. From living rooms and moonscape deserts, to Cape Canaveral, Steve Pyke captures the men in frank, revealing portraits, while unravelling their very personal and divergent memories.

407 The Secret D-Day Disaster: Survivor and eye-witness accounts, top-secret documents, film archive and findings from underwater excavations help to reveal the secrecy and conflicting evidence that persists to this day about Exercise Tiger – a rehearsal for the D-Day invasion of France – that went so terribly wrong.

408 Elizabeth 1 – Killer Queen: When the wife of the Queen’s lover is found dead, there were rumors that the queen had her killed. 450 years later the autopsy report suggests that perhaps the Queen was a killer.

409 Sea of Death: This film explores the traumatic story through the eyes of the survivors of WWII, from the three torpedoed ships. It is a tale of incredible suffering and of heroes lost forever in the freezing waters.

410 Mystery of the Missing Spy Plane: This is the story of a Swedish Air Force DC-3 which disappeared over the Baltic Sea in 1952. The film vividly highlights the life-and-death tensions during the Cold War.

Feed date/Time: 10/60s beginning 1/27/16 @ 1100-1200ET/HD04 The History Project 400s

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