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Beyond Geek 200s

Lifestyle & Technology SeriesBeyond Geek 200s
Producer: Jowagi Productions
Rights: Unlimited, 5/1/17 to 4/30/19
8 x 30
High Definition

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BEYOND GEEK is a series that explores people who, on their own, are pushing the limits of science, technology, and everything geek. But this isn’t your ordinary science and technology show – it’s about people who take geek to a whole new level!

Each half-hour episode of BEYOND GEEK will delve into fringe ideas that might seem a little odd and sometimes quite a bit “out there.” From a group trying to get to space in a balloon to people who dress up as superheroes to fight crime, our hosts dive deep into these amazing stories by joining in the adventure, and taking you on a truly unique ride of how and why these people do what they do. By the end of the episode, you’ll learn just how cool those strange ideas are and understand why a word that used to be an insult is now the ultimate form of compliment.


201 – Kinetic Sculpture Racing
Episode Description – Dan races against all odds in a human-powered art sculpture race over land, sand, and water.

202 – Kinetic Sculpture Racing 2
Episode Description – With everything going wrong, will Dan and the Hot Roddenberrys even finish the race?

203 – The Force is Strong
Episode Description – Brittni wields the ultimate sci-fi weapon in light saber combat.

204 – Hackathon
Episode Description – Nate races against the clock on a team creating something out of thin air in a 44-hour hackathon… and tries to do it with no sleep.

205 - A Pirate’s Life for Me
Episode Description – Nate travels through time into a world filled with black powder weapons, swords fights, and adventure.

206 - High Flying Smackdown!
Episode Description – Brittni learns to settle the score on the mat as she enters the world of pro-wrestling.

207 – Telerobotics
Episode Description – Dan discovers how robots can open up your world to endless possibilities.

208 – Beam Me Up
Episode Description – Brittni beams aboard a Star Trek fan show to help them create their latest episode.

Dr. Perlmutter’s Whole Life Plan

Whole Life Plan with David Perlmutter, MD

Welcome to Dr. Perlmutter’s Whole Life Plan.

Dr. Perlmutter puts his ideas into practice in the real world to show you that living your best life is about much more than what you put in your mouth. It expands upon the core advice in his previous programs and introduces exciting new information about the advantages of eating more fat and fiber, consuming fewer carbs and protein, evicting gluten forever, and catering to your intestinal flora.
Food is a central component of the program, but so are other key aspects to achieving the best results: the timing of when you eat, sleep, and exercise; knowing which supplements to take and which medications to potentially drop; reducing daily stress and even chemical exposures in your physical environment; nurturing relationships and your own self-care; addressing the challenges in life with grace and ease; routinely creating goals for your personal development; and finding time for the kinds of physical activities that power the brain while healing the body.

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Wildest Arctic

Wildest Arctic

This beautiful series immerses the viewer in the nature of the northern extremities of Europe, beyond the Arctic Circle and into a land of ice and fire; from the Tundra and on to the Arctic Ocean. Wildest Arctic captures the awesome cinematic range of the Arctic region, from the crashes of vast glaciers, to the howls of the wildest wolves and the haunting remoteness of this true wilderness.

We find wolverines, lynx and leopards in the Taiga (Russian for “forest”); polar bears and whales in the Arctic Ocean; Arctic foxes and Atlantic puffins in Iceland; and follow the 2,000 mile migration of 500,000 caribou in the Tundra.

This is the arctic as you’ve never seen it before: surprisingly rich in wildlife and completely – beautifully – wild!

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