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Eat Dirt with Dr. Josh Axe

PledgeEat Dirt with Dr. Josh Axe
Producer: Glass Onion Productions
Rights: Unlimited, 5/27/16 to 6/30/18
1 x 60, 1 x 90PE
High Definition

Free Program

Heal Your Leaky Gut in 30 Days or Less
All disease begins in the gut.   ~ Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine

What Hippocrates knew 2000 years ago, we’re only just discovering: Our gut is responsible for a lot more than processing the food we eat!  With the surface area of a football field, our digestive tract is a vital immune barrier, protecting us from disease and contamination. By expelling and killing foreign invaders, it accounts for 70% of our immune system.

Leaky gut occurs when the tight junctions that seal the intestinal tract malfunction. These junctions control which nutrients and nourishment passes into the blood stream. As food is digested and moved out of the body, a healthy digestive tract prevents toxins, microbes and undigested food particles from seeping out.

When the junctions break down, all kinds of particles contaminate the bloodstream that should have never gotten through.  The immune system responds to the particles as if they were foreign invaders. Eventually the result is chronic inflammation, which leads to a variety of problems, such as allergies, autoimmune disease, eczema, psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis, weight gain, and diabetes.

Studies in respected medical journals, like The Lancet, The British Medical Journal and the International Journal of Gastroenterology have found that leaky gut causes several autoimmune diseases and many other health issues, including fatigue, arthritis, acne, depression and food allergies.

Some of our “best ideas” have backfired and are actually tearing our guts apart and destroying our health:
_ Hybrid grain that grows fast but is nearly indigestible
_ Refined sugar that creates insulin resistance
_ Antibiotics that kill even the friendly bacteria we need
_ Pesticides that deplete the soil until vegetables lose 85% of their nutrients

Our lifestyle does the rest. Almost everyone has swallowed ibuprofen for a headache, consumed processed foods, failed to eat enough fiber, taken an antibiotic, or experienced chronic stress. All of these undermine the integrity of the gut.

Leaky gut is a hot topic in health communities these days, but no one has identified the five most common Gut Types and designed a specific program to heal each gut type—until now.  EAT DIRT will identify the specific gut types of leaky gut syndrome. Once viewers identify their own Gut Type, they can heal their gut more quickly, by following a plan that is designed specifically for them.

Viewers will learn the symptoms of leaky gut, and that leaky gut can make you fat and tired, or plagued by aches and pains. Prebiotics and probiotics found in soil (“eat dirt”) are key players in keeping our guts healthy, but all too often, we have been cut off from them in our sterile modern lives.  Viewers will also discover exactly what foods to eat and to avoid, what supplements can speed up their progress and how important it is to take probiotics.

Core Timings:

Act: 00:00 to 20:48 (20:48)

Act 2: 21:18 to 39:35 (18:17)

Act 3: 40:05 to 56:43 (16:38)

Total Content: 55:43
TRT: 56:43

Pledge Event Timings:

Act: 00:00 to 20:48 (20:48)

Break 1: 20:48 to 26:05 (5:17)

Act 2: 26:05 to 44:22  (18:17)

Break 2: 44:22 to 56:59 (12:37)

Act 3: 56:59 to 1:13:37  (16:38)

Break 3: 1:13:37 to 1:28:16 (14:39)

TRT: 1:28:16

Premium Descriptions:

$60 ($5 monthly) Pledge Level
Program DVD plus bonus material

Eat Dirt with Dr. Josh Axe: Heal Your Leaky Gut in 30 Days or Less. Leaky gut is a hot topic in health communities these days, but no one has identified the five most common Gut Types and designed a specific program to heal each gut type—until now.The extended DVD of Eat Dirt program.

$180 ($15 monthly) Pledge Level
Eat Dirt Master Package

Program DVD plus bonus material
Eat Dirt with Dr. Josh Axe: Heal Your Leaky Gut in 30 Days or Less. Leaky gut is a hot topic in health communities these days, but no one has identified the five most common Gut Types and designed a specific program to heal each gut type—until now. The extended DVD of Eat Dirt program.

Eat Dirt hardcover Book
Why leaky gut may be the root cause of your health problems and 5 surprising steps to cure it. The 352 page hardcover book that gives you the science and the detail behind Eat Dirt program. With a simple diet plan, recipes, and practical advice, Eat Dirt will help readers restore gut health and eliminate leaky gut for good.

Gut Repair Cookbook
This beautiful, full-color cookbook is jam-packed with over 130 easy and delicious gut-healing recipes. These recipes have been hand-picked by Dr. Axe and are designed to help nourish, delight, and most importantly, heal your leaky gut.

Gut Repair 3 DVD Kitchen Makeover
In these 3-dvd set of Kitchen Makeover Videos, you’ll join Dr. Axe in his own kitchen as he teaches you everything you need to start your healing process. Learn how to make everything from specific types of bone broth that help heal your adrenals, thyroid, and immune system all the way to gut-healing desserts and snacks on the go… plus much more!

Gut Repair Shopping List
This convenient shopping list takes the guesswork out of what kinds of foods you need to get at the grocery store for gut repair and healing. Dr. Axe shows you exactly what to purchase, including vegetables, nuts, meats, dairy, sweeteners, beverages, and more – and it even has convenient boxes you can check off as you go. Shopping for the right foods to heal your gut couldn’t be easier.

The Dr. Axe 7-Day Meal Plan
Filled with breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu items – this calendar-style meal plan has great suggestions – from gut-healing smoothies with added collagen all the way to soups made with delicious bone broth and healthy snacks in-between. This meal plan is a great model you can use and change up each week for more variety.

The Top 25 Herbs, Supplements and Essential Oils to Heal Leaky Gut Booklet
Full color booklet that outlines the top 25 Herbs, Supplements and Essential Oils to augment your diet choices to Heal Leaky Gut.

Quiz #1: Do You Have Leaky Gut?
With a series of 20 simple questions, this quiz will help you determine the likelihood that you have leaky gut syndrome. The precision questions on this valuable quiz are simple and easy to answer, yet designed to extract important clues to determine if you should pursue a course of self-healing and gut repair.

Quiz #2: What’s Your Gut Type?
This short, targeted quiz is designed to to act as a detective to help you discern what type of leaky gut you have and what organs it might be affecting. Once you determine which type of leaky gut you have, you’ll be able to follow my specific diet recommendations and customize your own personal plan that will help you overcome these issues.

Gut-Type Lifestyle Guide
The Gut-Type Lifestyle Guide gives you easy directions regarding diet, exercise, and emotional well being to aid your healing process.

Shaker Bottle with Axe Organics Logo on it
This shaker is the perfect way to mix your Axe Organics Vanilla or Chocolate Protein Whey shakes in the morning. Also great for smoothies with collagen and green drinks as well. It comes with a convenient shaker ball inside for perfect, smooth blending of ingredients.

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