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Asian American Life 100s

Ethnicity Series Asian American Life
Producer: CUNY-TV
Rights: Unlimited, 10/1/16 to 9/30/18
13 x 30
High Definition

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Asian American Life (AAL) is a prime-time news magazine that addresses topical news, in-depth feature reports and untold stories of the Asian American diaspora experience to an all-inclusive audience.

Asian American Life is the place where viewers can screen original content, which reflects the diverse Asian American population and languages of its audience.

In addition to broadcast, the program is one of the fastest growing social media platforms.  It reaches the fastest growing demographic in the United States through social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Itunes podcast, youtube and

Asian American Life also provides a platform for national, local and community leaders to share important issues that shape peoples lives.  We cover stories that help create a better understanding and awareness of the Asian American diaspora ranging from China to India and Philippines, as well as multi-racial Asian Americans from Latin America and the Caribbean.  One of our most poignant episodes included skype interviews with five of the remaining Korean “Comfort Women,” who were forced to serve as sex slaves for Japan’s Imperial Army.

Since its launch in 2013, Asian American Life has been nominated for two Emmy awards, and has received critical praise on original and groundbreaking stories, ranging from historical events to special profiles of newsmakers and entertainers.  It is the first and only Asian American broadcast news magazine program in the United States.

Asian American Life is hosted by Ernabel Demillo, former anchor for WNYW Fox 5 morning news.

Episode Descriptions:

Episode #101

- Asian American Life profiles 4 of the most fascinating leaders in the areas of entertainment, science, business and human rights.  Actor and Director Alan Muroka of Sesame Street discusses how he became the first Asian American actor of children’s television.  Business leader Andrea Jung is the CEO of Grameen America and former CEO of Avon, talks about how she champions women causes.   Dr. Henry Lee is America’s top forensic scientist who goes over how he cracked high profile cases from O.J. Simpson to JonBenet Ramsey.  In a rare and exclusive interview, reporter Minnie Roh talks to Korean comfort women who share their painful stories of being imprisoned as sex slaves by the Japanese military during World War Two. Show is hosted by Ernabel Demillo with reports from Paul Lin, Minnie Roh and Kyung Yoon. (TRT: 00:27:30)

Episode #102

- In this episode of Asian American Life, we feature some of the nation’s greatest Asian American influencers in the arts, fashion and modeling world. Host Ernabel Demillo reports from the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute exhibit “China Through A Looking Glass,” which took 2 years to produce. This exhibit highlight’s China’s art, fashion and cinema / film influence in the Western world. It spans three floors, and is the largest costume exhibit ever featured at the museum.  Guests in the special include:  Fashion Designer Anna Sui, runway and fashion model Geena Rocero, and Eva Chen, Editor in Chief of Lucky Magazine. (TRT: 00:27:30)

Episode #103

- Ursula Chiang, Documentarian/Filmmaker discusses her film “Nine Man Volleyball” which looks at the history of a game traditionally played by immigrants; Reporter: Kyung Yoon  covers the business of child models and interviews two sister models, Emilie and Alexandra Su, and Marlene Wallach, President of Wilhelmina.  “Finding Samuel Lowe Book and Documentary” – Reporter: Mike Gilliam talks to Paula Madison, Author of “Finding Samuel Lowe” and Former NBC News Vice President.  Together they trace her bi-racial roots from the Carribean Islands to China.  Paul Lin reports on Elena Moon Park, artist of “Rabbit Days & Dumplings,” an Asian Kids Folk music and best-selling album. (TRT: 00:27:30)

Episode #104

- In an this episode of Asian American Life – Ernabel Demillo visits the Rubin Museum of Art, which houses the largest Himalayan and Indian art exhibit worldwide. Featured reports include: “Reviving Nepal Bhasa” – Minnie Roh reports on how the Nepalese in the U.S. are trying to save their culture and language; Reporter Paul Lin interviews Asian American Judges Denny Chin and Kathryn S. Paek.  New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio appointed 28 new judges to family, civil and criminal courts – making it one of the most diverse courts nationwide; Facial Acupuncture – Kyung Yoon reports on this popular treatment and gets some medical advise on how to proceed with alternative beauty treatment; Latin Asians – Correspondent Tinabeth Pina looks at Latin Asians communities right here in NYC, and traces the history of how this population immigrated to America. (TRT: 00:27:30)

Episode #105

- In honor of October’s National “People’s History Month,” Asian American Life reports from Ellis Island’s Peopling of America Center. This major expansion of the museum reopened in May 2015, and it traces the immigrant experience to the U.S.A, from 1892 to present day. Asian American Life takes a close look at our immigration history and its influence on American culture.   Reporter Kyung Yoon looks at the “Peopling of America” exhibit and how people can trace their ancestry.  Ernabel Demillo reports on the little known history of Filipinos who arrived in the early 1900’s where many were sponsored students.  Paul Lin reports on how undocumented students face a greater hurdle to obtain a college education.  Minnie Roh interviews Dr. Leroy Chiao who achieved the American dream and became only a handful of Asian American astronauts in the history of NASA. (TRT: 00:27:30)

Episode #106

- Host and correspondent Ernabel Demillo interviews members of the “Asian Pride Project” about how they’ve created new public service announcements to raise awareness about gay issues within the Asian American communities nationwide; Correspondent Minnie Roh gets up close and personal with documentarian/filmmaker Dai Sil Kim-Gibson, and looks at her career and award winning films; In honor of the 40th Anniversary of the Fall of Saigon Correspondent Mike Gilliam provides an exclusive report on Amerasian Children and interviews Kien Nguyen, Author of “The Unwanted,” and Trista Goldberg, Founder of Operation Reunite, a non-profit organization that provides DNA tests to help reconnect birth parents to their Amerasian children. (TRT: 00:27:30)

Episode #107

- Art is art, fashion is fashion but contemporary artist Richard Tsao proves they can exist together. He’s best known for his line of fashion featured at the New York Metropolitan Opera and Asia Society museum store. You can even find many of New York’s opera singers wearing his fashion line. Reporter Kyung Yoon spends a day at his showroom and learns more about his creative process. MC Jin became the first Asian American rapper to sign a major record label. He’s in the spotlight again and reporter Paul Lin caught up with him at the annual B-Boy Royale Dance competition in New York. Caroline Shin’s web series “Cooking With Granny” spills the secrets behind the family recipes. Reporter Ernabel Demillo spends a day in grandma’s kitchen and whips a favorite Filipino holiday dessert. At Queens Museum, New York based Chinese artist Zhang Hongtu debuts a pop cultural series on life and politics in China. (TRT: 00:27:30)

Episode #108

- Correspondent Minnie Roh gives us the latest update on the backlash surrounding the deal to provide reparations to the Korean sex slave victims of World War II. Protests have been staged all across the world, including here in New York. Exclusive interviews include one of the comfort women Lee Ok-Sun who shares her personal story and struggles, and Phyllis Kim, Director of the Korean American Forum of California who represents many of the victims. One of the top Supreme Court cases to watch this year is Abigail Fisher vs. The University of Texas, which raises the issue of affirmative action and does it keep qualified applicants from getting into elite schools based on race. How will the justices’ decisions affect Asian American admission into the Ivy Leagues? Reporter Paul Lin has an in-depth report and interviews legal scholars and educational experts. In March, thousands of middle school students will learn of their fate as they wait for word on admission into New York’s elite public high schools. Correspondent Kyung Yoon explores high stakes testing and interviews documentarian Curtis Chin who walks us through this competitive process. (TRT: 00:27:30)

Episode #109
- Technology Leaders – Host Ernabel Demillo reports on the challenges of breaking the glass ceiling in the tech industry. You’ll find many Asian American engineers and computer programmers in the industry, but very few in the boardroom. Guests: Chieh Huang, CEO and Co-Founder of Boxed and Mr Wesley Hom, VP Ascend, Former VP of IBM. Girls Who Code – Reporter Kyung Yoon explains the importance of computer “coding” and how one woman is leading a science revolution, preparing young girls with coding computer skills that will help them with careers in technology and engineering. Guest: Reshma Saujani, Founder of Girls Who Code. Sports 120 App – Reporter Minnie Roh shares the hottest new sports app that highlights everything you need to know in 120 seconds. Guest: Mike Kim, Anchor of Sports 120. Blood Test App and Dongle Device – Reporter Mike Gilliam explains how one blood test dongle and app is saving lives in the U.S. and in developing countries. Guest: Dr. Sam Sia, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Columbia University. (TRT: 00:27:30)

Episode #110

- China accounts for one-fifth of the world’s population and in the next 15 years, its population will explode to 1.5 billion.  Learning Mandarin is one way to keep up with the world’s second largest economy.  Reporter Paul Lin shares why Mandarin is becoming the official language to learn. Reporter Tinabeth Pina has an exclusive report on incarcerated Asian Americans. Contrary to popular belief, Asian Americans are not a model minority. In fact, their incarceration rates are on the rise.  Reporter Minnie Roh also shares an exclusive report on exploited workers.  A significant percentage of undocumented immigrants are Asian who are susceptible to exploitation and human trafficking.  Many times, the offenders are none other than those in the Asian American community. (TRT: 00:27:30)

Episode #111

- Minnie Roh reports on New York Police Officer Peter Liang’s trial, race relations and justice.  She interviews New York Assemblymen William Colton and Ron Kim.  Reporter Paul Lin visits a sustainable rice farm in Manhattan that’s making a difference in how we grow the world’s #1 staple food.  Reporter Ernabel Demillo exclusive interview with ballerina Stella Abrera, who’s the first Filipino principal dancer with the American Ballet Theater. (TRT: 00:27:30)

Episode #112

- In our June episode, AAL features a special edition on best-selling Asian American authors and how they’ve changed the literary landscape. Ernabel Demillo hosts the show from Kinokunya, the nation’s largest Asian and Asian-American book store chain in the U.S.  Authors profiled in this episode include: Mia Alvar, Pen Award winner of “In The Country.”  New York Times Best-selling author Janice Y.K. Lee of “The Expatriates.”  Mystery Author Laura Joh Rowland of “The Iris Fan, ” and Yena Kim, author of the popular “Menswear Dog Presents The New Classics: Fresh Looks For the Modern Man.” (TRT: 00:27:30)

Episode #113

- Bambike – Paul Lin reports on one of the most popular transportation lifestyle trends, cycling with bamboo bikes. Guest: Bryan Benitez McClelland, Founder Bambike. Actress Ann Sanders – Kyung Yoon interviews actress Ann Sanders who created a buzz on Broadway for stepping in the lead role of Anna in “The King And I.” Museum Diversity – Ernabel Demillo reports how the workforce at museums and art organizations nationwide don’t reflect the diverse population they serve.  K-pop – Korean Pop, also known as K-pop has made its way from Seoul to New York, thanks to pop star Psy’s “Gangnam Style” hit song. Now it’s all the rage here in New York and in other cities worldwide. (TRT: 00:27:30)

Feeddate/Time:   Mondays beginning  9/5/16 @ 1500-1530ET/HD04

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