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30 Days to a Younger Heart with Dr. Steven Masley

Glass Onion Productions, Ellyne Lonergan30 Days to a Younger Heart
Rights: Unlimited, 2/24/14 to 12/31/16
1 x 60, 1 x 90 PE
High Definition

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30 Days to a Younger Heart
Did you know that it’s possible to make your heart 10 years younger? Regardless of your body composition, genetics, or age…you can turn back time.
And when you do…you will feel healthier, trimmer, fitter, sexier, mentally sharper and better than you have in a decade.

Does it sound too good to be true? …… It isn’t…

Dr. Steven Masley and his three simple steps have helped thousands of patients turn back the clock…and reverse the onset of aging and disease. He is a board-certified physician, nutritionist, longevity researcher and award-winning educator who is also a highly acclaimed chef, trained at the Four Seasons.
In “30 Days to a Younger Heart”, Dr. Masley shares the surprising news that Metabolic Syndrome, also known as pre-diabetes – not high cholesterol – is the number one cause of cardiovascular disease.  Since the term metabolic syndrome is new to most, the doctor describes how easy it is to determine your risk, and why so many Americans have it.

Dr. Masley also educates viewers about the dangers of invasive, often unnecessary cardiovascular procedures.  His 3 step Heart Tune-Up program is a guide to making lifestyle changes that significantly reduce the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease.  He specifically discusses the impact food, nutrients and exercise have on making a measurable difference in the reduction of arterial plaque.
Discover five new categories of heart-healing foods, learn how the amount of time you exercise isn’t as important as you may think plus ensure you receive the five key nutrients many lack but are truly necessary for a younger heart.

No matter how old you are, or how much you weigh or even the health battle you are facing, no one has to be on a one-way street to aging and disability.  Patients’ lives every day have been saved and transformed with this heart tune-up program that explores the three easy lifestyle corrections that can take 10 years off of your heart’s age in just 30 Days.

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Core Timings:

Act 1 – 20:49

Act 2 – 17:11

Act 3 – 16:51

Pledge Event Timings:

Act 1- 0:00 to 20:49 (20:49 duration)

Break 1- 20:49 to 26:36 (5:48)

Act 2- 26:36 to 43:47 (17:11)

Break 2- 43:47 to 53:31 (9:44)

Act 3- 53:31 to 1:10:21 (16:51)

Break 3- 1:10:21 to 1:28:40 (18:19)

TRT: 1:28:40


$60 Pledge

Program DVD – 30 Days To A Younger Heart with Dr Steven Masley with bonus material.

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$144 Pledge

The 30 Day Master Package

• Program DVD

• Hardcover book

The 30-Day Heart Tune-Up book is a breakthrough medical program that will empower readers to tune up their hearts, energy, waistline, and sex lives. Dr. Masley shows readers how to bust old myths and calculate their true risk for heart disease. Then he provides a simple, step-by-step guide to prevent and reverse the true cause of heart disease, arterial plaque. This groundbreaking book identifies
• Five new few categories that readers should “add” to promote heart health and circulation
• How to measure fitness, so readers can become trimmer, fitter, mentally sharper,  and sexier in less time
• Tips to manage stress and slow stress induced aging
• The top six nutrients that nourish the heart
• Medical secrets for men and women to optimize their romantic life
• Plus as a bonus, sixty delicious, healthy, easy-to-prepare recipes your friends and family will love

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• 3-DVD Set

- Heart Tune Up Presentation: Dr. Masley will share his heart tune up talk, which complements the 30 Days to a Younger Heart Program. In this video training session, Dr. Masley will focus more on what cholesterol profiles mean and discusses in detail how to measure arterial plaque.

- Cooking Demos: Dr. Masley will share six of his favorite recipes created in Dr. Masley’s own kitchen. You can understand how to make a recipe from reading about it, but during this video session Dr. Masley clarifies some of the secrets behind how to use herbs and spices, as well as how to select ingredients so that your meals are much more flavorful and more healthy for you and family.  As a special bonus, he has included a recipe that he recorded with NY Times best-selling author and founder of Saving Dinner, Leanne Ely. You will discover how make a fantastic soufflé that your friends will love. Most people are afraid to tackle this type of recipe, but you’ll be surprised how easy it is to prepare.

- De-Stress Your Heart. This training session explains why unmanaged stress is so harmful to aging. You’ll discover that you don’t have to eliminate your stress, but that you need to add several simple steps detailed by Dr. Masley to better manage it, to stop the accelerated aging issues caused by uncontrolled stress.

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• 2-audio CD set

- How to Enhance Brain Performance and Prevent Memory Loss
Dr. Masley will share the top causes of accelerated memory loss, how you can measure your cognitive performance, plus provide several tips to improve your brain performance and decrease your risk for cognitive decline. ($19.95)

- How to Improve Joint Pain is Less Than 30 Days
Dr. Masley helps you reduce joint pain and inflammation, without harmful drugs and potential invasive procedures. Dr. Masley himself has arthritis, so he shares with you the lifestyle choices he takes to keep joints flexible and pain-free.

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•  Your 30-Day Heart Tune-Up Pocket Guide to:
- Identifying Your Cardiovascular Risk,
- Discovering Key Heart Nutrients,
- Effective Medical Testing with Your Doctor

Use this guide to:
- Calculate your real risk for a heart attack or stroke
- Clarify if you are receiving the most critical artery plaque prevention nutrients for your heart from foods or a supplement, plus Dr. Masley’s guide to optimal ingredients for the best multivitamin.
- Discuss your findings with your own doctor in a way that ensures you accomplish your goals. Gaining the support of your physician is absolutely critical, but not easy to achieve, as many physicians are critical of “unproven health plans.” The good news is that Dr. Masley has spoken to over 20,000 physicians over the last decade, has published results to show his program works, so there is a good chance your doctor will already recognize and encourage his plan.

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• Your Heart Tune-Up Shopping Guide

Use this two-sided guide to make it easy to obtain the Five Breakthrough Food Categories to nourish your heart when grocery shopping. This will help you get started with the delicious recipes in The 30-Day Heart Tune-Up immediately.

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• Coupon For A “Free” Heart Rate Monitor and access to an online video How To Optimize Your Workout with Dr. Masley.

The package also includes a coupon to redeem a free Heart Rate Monitor (w/ chest strap & digital watch readout!), plus a 15-minute digital video training session with Dr. Masley on how to optimize your workout. Most people just don’t know how hard to push it and often don’t get great results, or  they can exhaust themselves. This session will show you why it is so critical to monitor your heart rate when active, and how to get the best return for the exercise time you invest.  To redeem your coupon, all you have to do is log on to the website noted on the coupon, click on “Add To Cart”, enter the Coupon Code in the little box, then click Continue to enter your name and address and pay for the shipping.

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